Crazy Ex Boyfriend

the man of your dreams…

(I mean he is fine, loves you, and spoiled the HELL out of you +
the dick had you seeing black because your eyes were always
rolling inside your head)

that you have been dating for a while
dumps you….

You decided to become the crazy ex boyfriend from hell.

Calling and hanging up.
Spray painting cars and busting windows.
Outing his ass (I couldn’t resist…)
Rounding up your squad to go beat down any new love interests in his life.

Ima need you to SIT DOWN.

Why do dudes go crazy when the relationship ends?

I am the type that when it ends,
it ended for a reason.
I will cry and sit in my room.
Watch sad ass movies and not want to be bothered.
Play “My Life” and “Confessions” a few good times and then get the hell up and K.I.M.

Not some of these bottoms today.

They want to be the thorn in the next love interests ass
and too be honest,
it is only making YOU look like a complete asshole.
How discouraging it is to meet your ex man
to hear he has some crazy ex boyfriend that cannot get over him.

The whole arguing and crying about your ex in the club thing …
… not a good look.
Hating on the new dude when you see them out in public together…
…. no bueno.
Calling the new love interest and stalking him like he did something to U …
…. is a BAD hit.

sex with the Ex is usually the BOMB.
Ya’ll know what I mean.
He calls you out the blue in this sexy ass voice.
You know dude is playing with his dick trying to get you over there.
You want to curse him out but you getting flaskbacks.
The way he strokes that boi puss is like no other.
if you are emotionally weak,
it is best to avoid the dick beat down at all costs.
Sex can lead to a flood of emotions.
He is fucking you because your ass always treats his dick well
but that mofo probably has some new niggas he is sticking it too.
Fucking him again is your choice but do not make the WRONG CHOICE.

My advice is to let go and move on.
If you are a bad bottom,
it should be NOTHING for you to pick up the pieces and meet someone new.
Better yet,
take that time to heal your heart especially if it was a bad break up.
Work on yourself and how you are going to bounce back.
Take some time away from the scene and start working out.
Get a new wardrobe and making yourself look like THE SHIT.
Your wardrobe and body should be bananas and will raise your self esteem
which should allow you to meet new men (see how it all connects?)

When the ex sees you,
he will know that you have moved on and who knows,
he may want you back.
Or end up stalking you
(the reverse always happens when “You don’t know what you had …
…is with a better looking negro.

That is your choice if you want to take him back.
Depends on what he did.
If he cheated on you the FIRST time,
more than likely,
he will do it again and you will be doing this routine again.

Jamari is the type to let you see me looking fly as shit
and walk in the room with something BETTER than you.
I moved on and even though it hurt,
I picked up the pieces and worked on my broken heart
and was able to meet a man who will appreciate the new me.

And I got alot of love anyone who loves the “new” me.

Because lets face it fellas,
BAGGAGE in the new “ship” is the worse.

Let go and let God.

…and please avoid being “THE CRAZY EX BITCH” at all costs.
Definitely not a good look.