Jamari’s Tips: The Fuckery That Is BGC Edition.

I had to do this.
I really did…

These are a few tips that I have acquired amongst the years being on these gay sites.
I thought I would share them with my wonderful readers.
Many of them are discreet and even a few DL (i see you Daddy lol)

But YOU NEED a wake up call….
If you see STRAIGHT on anyone’s profile:
Straight and BGC mix like oil and water.
(bad enough this STRAIGHT dude has his pictures open?
Lets stop this….)

If you come to a profile,
his pictures are OPEN but it says “Down Lo” or “Discreet”…….!
Houston we have a problem.
Got him and his block on front street on BGC…
… but “Down Lo”?????
I do not think people know the true full blown meaning of being DL.

If I can tell, you ain’t DL

All those sexiest of something…
are stolen pictures or OUT members.
Do not get excited.
All that shit is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

TRUE dudes who look like that have no pictures or private ones.

Never trust ANYONE who has “Make Sure To Rate Me
in his “Who Am I“.
People rate on their own.
You shouldn’t have to ask.
Not that serious.

Never accept friendships from people who have 50-11 “friends”
on their page.
Popularity contest?

The forums have good info but be weary of someone who
is always up in there posting.

My favorite …
Dude hits you up with pictures locked (or no pictures) and asking you to unlock.
He is demanding you can only talk to him with unlocked pictures.
If you do choose to talk to that bastard,
have his dumb ass unlock first.
This ain’t damn Duck Duck Goose my dude.

I have always had luck talking to someone with no picture.
I met a few “important” people doing that.

There was usually a good looking prize behind the mystery.

Anyone who wants to “stay and chat” on BGC
with no signs to meet up or exchange numbers … FAIL.

Always talk to the dude on the phone before you meet him.
A nigga who is faking the funk will reveal themselves when you get them comfortable.

If things do not add up with the story they are telling you,
the equation is definitely WRONG.

Dick or ass pictures in defaults are usually “sex only“.
If you have a nice ass,
show off your shape but a nigga will hit you up just to hit.
(cutting to the chase…)

Beyonce or any other DIVA in their default,
or they a long lost Kardashian and clearly from the sweet negro tribe,
you already know what’s up…

Those long ass “Woe Is Me” Microsoft Word novels in intros …
Ain’t nobody got time to sit up there and read alla that.
Makes you look like you talk to much.
Truth be told,
dudes are really looking at your pics.

Keep all that “font” for the messages.

Some dudes are not photogenic and look better in person.
Do not always judge.
But if you look like straight dog shit in your pictures,
then you may look like straight dog shit in person.

If you are bragging about having over 1oo unread messages,
that is not impressing me.
That is making me think you have a self esteem issue you need to work on.

You “bi-sexual” but you look gayer than a fag in DickLand.
Boy stop!

Stealing pictures gets you what?
A good convo … and then a foot in your ass.
Stop the FAKENESS!
If you got to be someone else to be accepted,
you clearly need to kill yourself and get it over with.

If you give your # to someone and they do not call,
take it as a blessing.
He could be a piece of shit anyway.
They always meet their karma on that site anyway.
Sit back and laugh.

(although it can sometimes piss me off. dammit i’m human…)

If you go in with the “whatever happens, happens” mentality …
You may just luck up.
Do not wear your heart on your sleeve and have a thick skin.
There is always a dude on there looking for someone like you.
In the barrel of rotten apples,
a couple clean ones are hiding.
I am one.

May the discreet be with you!

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