Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

They say if you do something over and over,
expecting the same result,
you are crazy.

Then I must have gone bat shit going on these sites expecting the same results…

As DL and discreet gay/bi men,
meeting men in real life can be a challenge,
we go on sites like BGC and A4A expecting to connect with other men that are just like us.
The profile clearly says: “Masculine” – “Disrcreet/DownLo” – or even “Thug” (ROTFL I laugh at that)
and we think we hit the jackpot …

But in reality,
everything that glitters on those sites are not gold.
It is like a car side view mirror…


I remember a few years back,
BGC/A4A was poppin’.
You could go on there and meet a dude,
vibe with him,
meet with him in real life,
and everything was all good.
Have a lifelong friend or even a promising relationship.
I met a few prominent people that were actually “someone” on one of those sites.
Now, their profile’s are probably erased and they have went into hiding.
Meeting the TRUE DL/Discreet men in the industry.

These days,
there is so much recklessness on there,
the sites has virtually become un-appealing.
Stolen pictures, queens trying to be something they arent, random outings, lying about health status… like, wtf!?

BGC – slowly becoming this black gay Myspace (friend’s lists? come the fuck on…)
A4A – slowly becoming a cum dumpster back alley

I have met countless dudes off these sites recently that I would not give a second chance too.
They blew the first chance being something they weren’t.
Jamari hates being lied too.

where have the true DL/DISCREET men gone to meet men?
I do not even know.
Do you?
You could say Myspace or Facebook but the queens have flooded those markets
and have brought the stock down tremendously.
Dudes won’t even add you because they added some house queen(s) before
and he couldn’t take NO for an answer.

(GAY MEN: If dude says he is straight, he is straight. Leave him alone.
If he happens to be gay and is interested,
he will show signs. If not, NOTHING TO SEE THERE.)

With these random black celebrity outings these past few weeks,
the game has changed and no one is taking any prisoners.

There use to be a site called Above The Life (i miss this site so much),
which was formerly know as Xclusivity.
On Xclusivity,
members had to approve you to get on.
The owner then switched it around so anyone could join.
I met countless of good dudes (even sexy ass tops).
I am still friends with a handful of them.
It was the one site that had positive black gay men but,
the queens went on there and decided to harass the owner and he shut it down.

I could of slapped him with a fishnet bag of pennies and glass.

It all boils down to these thirsty ass queens.
They go on these sites and act a damn fool
and then wonder why gay masculine men are always looking down upon them.
They do not realize it is THEM who make this lifestyle such a hassle.
I keep asking myself that they do all of this (fake pics and the like) but what is the point?
Like seriously,
it is a waste of time and after the amusement wears off,
again: what was the point?

Did you expect to meet a dude,
lead him on,
and then meet him with the intentions he is going to “like you” or even “fuck you“?
Really though?
This isn’t no fucking television show.
And your ass is still going home in the end to be ALONE.

It is terrible.
We truly have no place to go and be comfortable.
No site to connect with anyone and actually have a convo then meet/greet/maybe beat (or fall in love).


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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