1st Round

A sexual short starring Jamari Fox

I couldn’t believe it. My dream had finally come true. I was sitting in the front seat in a all black Range with a fine ass black man in the driver’s seat. Not just any fine ass black dude (because Lord knows I have been with a few) but this one was different. Very very different….

I decided to go to the straight club on some random shit with my straight fellas. They didn’t know about me and even if they did, they accepted me for my swag and just let me do me. We were dressed to the 9s and feeling good. I was rocking a black dress shirt, black casual dress pants, and some all black leather Prada sneakers. My look was fitted. Brought my ass out and my enhanced my frame. I looked fucking good. I was dancing with random females and having a good ass time; music was bumping and it was an all around good night.

The scene was pretty live. It was packed but I did notice a crowd of bitches hovering over this one particular dude in VIP from the bar. He stood out for some reason but I didn’t think anything of it.

Regular good looking red bone nigga with some money to be up in VIP.

From where I was, he looked good. But as usual, they were a bunch of chicken heads trying EXTRA hard to keep his attention.  Wearing short skirts, titties falling out, and bumping their gums in his ear. He just sat there and scoped the crowd. I started to wonder who he was. I never saw him before but whoever he was, he had these bitches in heat.

I kept peeping at Mr. Exclusive and I noticed he would look in my direction but quickly looked off.

“Straight.” I thought as I gave the bartender my last glass and walked to the bathroom.

I did my thing and looked in the mirror, making sure I was still good. All of a sudden a real fat dude walked in. He looked out of breath and was wiping his head with a rag. White tee and jean shorts. Definitely not my type so I continued to adjust my shirt. He stood next to me and turned on the faucet.

“Club is bumping huh?” He said, wiping his round face.

“Yeah it is.” I said, preparing to walk out the bathroom to rejoin my friends.

All of a sudden, he stood up and was looking at me; dead in my face.

”Listen, I have something to give you and please do not take this the wrong way.”

UMMMMMMMM. No playa. You are definitely not my type AT ALL – I am sure that scrolled in my face like a marquee as I stared back at him.

“My dude wanted me to give this to you so, if you not interested, throw it out but if you are, text him.” He said, handing me a card with a number on it.

“Who is this dude?” I asked, looking at him with a curious look on my face.

”He in VIP. Just text.” He said, wiping his face and waddling out.

I was a little thrown off by the whole incident. This never happened to me before. I can’t say that I wasn’t flattered.  I walked back to my same spot at the bar and texted the number. I was curious. If he was ugly, it was no love loss. I would go about my business and vice versa.

“Whats up?” I typed on my Blackberry.

I looked up into VIP to see who would look down at their phone. Unfortunately, a couple dudes were looking down at their phones.

“I am glad you texted me back. I really wanted to holla. I hope my bodyguard wasn’t rude.” The reply said.

“Naw, he was cool. So can I ask who is this? I do not like guessing games.” I smiled and texted back.

I mean, it was fun I guess. I just wish I knew who I was talking too. I would hate to be entertaining the troll underneath the bridge.

“I am going to raise my phone up. Tell me if you see me.”

When I looked into VIP, a couple dudes had their hands up due to the DJ spinning “Live Your Life” by T.I and Rihanna.

“Try again.” I texted back.

“Sorry. I am going to get up and walk to the banister.”

I was ready to see who Mr. Mystery Man was. Suddenly, Mr. Exclusive got up and walked to the rail and started bobbing his head to the beat. He did a sly head nod and smiled at me.

I. NEARLY.FUCKING.DIED. It was all making sense now.

“Nice.” I replied, not trying to look extra but damn was I glad it was him.

Suddenly the bartender tapped me the shoulder and provided me with a drink.

“Enjoy your drink.” He texted.

All I could do was smile. I couldn’t hear the music. I didn’t see my friends. All I could see was my phone, the screen, and thoughts of Mr. Exclusive.

“Thank you. I plan on it. So can I ask why me?” I texted.

“LOL. I thought you were sexy as shit. I been checking you since you walked in here with your friends. You weren’t on some feminine shit and I liked that. I thought I would try. Do you know who I am?”

It is amazing who you never know is watching you. I would never have thought he would have been checking me out with all those chicken heads on his shoulders.

“No. Should I?”

“Good. That is even better. What are you doing after the club.”

But wait, who is this dude? I am sitting here talking to some stranger. He could be a gang banger who decided to take him and his drug money to the club to pop bottles and front making it rain on bitches.

… But I sure didn’t care.

“Home I guess. Is that an invitation?” I made sure to slyly text back.

“Yup I am ready to bounce. Meet the same body guard by the bathroom.”

It took nothing for me to make up an excuse to my boys, give my final daps, and proceed to the bathroom. They were wrapped up in females they were probably going to fuck later anyway.

I stood by the bathroom and fat boy escorted me outside the club, where I was greeted by an all black tinted Range. I got in and fat boy shut the door.

“Those females were getting on my nerves.” He smiled, pulling off.

I was kinda nervous but I wasn’t going to show it. I had to pull the swag out about ten men at this point.

“That is crazy. You must be someone serious to have these random hoes ready to jump into your pants.”

When I finally saw Mr. Exclusive up close, I almost fainted. He looked so fucking good. He looked like someone. He had perfect skin, a pair of plump juicy lips, beautiful bedroom eyes, and a very square jaw line. He had a perfectly trimmed goatee, mustache, and a nicely trimmed Caesar cut. Don’t get me started on the arm underneath the fitted dress shirt. I could see his arm muscle protruding from underneath as he turned the wheel. I was in heaven.

“Well that is what happens when you are a first round draft pick.” He said, winking at me.


“I’m sorry?” I played dumb.

“I just got drafted to the NFL. You really do not know who I am do you?” He asked, almost shocked.

“No I really don’t but congratulations.” I made sure to play it REAL good. I did not want to think I was sprung already. I had to make sure I didn’t come off like the male equivalent as the chicks on the couch at the club.

“Damn finally someone who doesn’t know who I am.” He smiled, stopping at the light.

“Well your secret is safe with me.” I replied, looking at him in his eyes and winking.

“Damn. You are so sexy.” He said, licking and biting on his juicy bottom lip.

It was almost like I was in a dream world. I felt so high. I gave God a quick “Thank you” prayer because this is something I dreamed of for a long time.

“Are you gay? Bi?” He asked.

“Gay.” I replied, “I stopped dealing with the salmon a long time ago. Is that a problem?”

“Salmon?” He laughed out, “I never heard it said like that but that was funny. You wouldnt be in my Range if it was a problem. I am real low key about the dudes I fuck with. You look sane.”

“I am not on that extra shit. What about you? How do you swing?”


“No beef.” I said, almost upset because I know this will probably not go further than this night but I was going to enjoy it for what it was.

“I can’t wait until I give you this beef.” He said, grabbing on his dick.

Shit well lets do this.

I pulled my boldest card and rested it on his dick. From what I felt, he had a good amount of beef. I unbuckled his belt and put my hands down in his jeans.

Yup. He definitely has a lot of beef.

“Damn.” He said, lowering down his speed on the road, “whatchu plan on doing?”

“This…” I said, resting  my head into his lap and putting the beef in my mouth.

“Oh shit.”

I started to mouth fuck this first round NFL draft dick. I could feel his legs shaking. I rubbed his muscular thigh as I attempted to deep throat that fat dick. It was cut and pretty thick. Not that big. Probably a good nine inches but it made up for it’s lack in girth. My trick of slowly licking around the head and then putting it all in my mouth was driving him wild. I hope he didn’t crash.

“Damn baby chill.” He said, collecting his breath, “let me get you back to my apartment so you can treat Daddy real good.”

“You know I will. I got plans for you.” I said, sitting back in my seat. I love men saying they are my Daddy. It turns me the fuck on and makes me ready to get my fuck on.

“Oh it that right baby?”


We were definitely going to be getting our fuck on and I planned on giving it to him real good…


Wriiten by the one, Jamari Fox.

May 27, 2009 @ 3:55