Pink Man-ty Tang Fever


Lawd have mercy…. Jesus carry me in your arms.


I know I am gay and everything but that shit is just TOO GAY. It is beyond gay. It is tangtastic. Soaked to the bone in rainbow juice. I mean, pink man panties? Really Spec? For a supposed straight dude, he sure looks fruitier than a sissy in a dick factory in that video. Then he twittin how dudes are gay for watching it. Nigga it was like a train crash. We couldn’t turn away (although I was too busy laughing my ass off). The twirl in the beginning was what caught me off guard and then the whole licking hands and wiping down his tiny frame = NOT SEXY. Who thought that was sexy? Tops (and I can’t speak for them) wouldn’t even find that sexy. He looked … odd. Scary. Over the top. It was everything the opposite of sexy. It doesn’t have to be like that for attention dude!!!

Another thing that puzzles me is how are you going to challenge “straight” (you never know) men to a grind off? Really? Did he expect all them to accept the challenge and upload “grinding” videos, while going back and forth on who can roll their hips better?


I like men and I fuck them from time to time but, I have never did some EXTRA gay shit like that. I still carry myself like a man. Sure, I got some sexy ass hugging draws (we all do) but I still keep it sexy. That whole spectacle was beyond a hot ass mess. You know it is bad when the queens are clowning him. He needs to get his mind right and stop this.

I gotta send a “Lady Gaga” reaction.

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