That’s Daddy Right There: Aaron Maybin

I would let him fuck me until I am light skinned.

Do you see those arms? Those pecs? His frame?
Young Jeezy standing next to him: who?
My ass is throbbing just thinking of him on top of me.
He is everything I consider “Daddy” material.
My bottoms know what I am talking about.

He just got drafted into the NFL so he is fresh meat.
He needs to be my fresh meat.
I’ll let him tackle my tight end up and down the post.
I’ll introduce him to positions that will give us both a work out.


If I can see your arm muscles underneath your suit like his:

I Am Yours.

Expect breakfast and a massage in the morning.

He gets a  definite “face down; ass up/take his dick” from me:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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