When Bottoms Go Bad

“I picks my friends
like I picks my fruit…”
Erykah Badu – “AppleTree”, Baduizum

I have some food for thought.

“Why you gotta be such a fake ass off/on bottom?”
Really tho?

If you don’t want to be down with me,
then don’t pick from my apple tree.
Obviously you do but you switch up like a sunny day to rain
and to be painfully honest,
I left my umbrella at home.

Obviously this particular “friend” (emphasis on friend)
I have is displaying the same qualities.
3 times this bullshit has happened….
Met a man and has become stupid.
Trying to maintain a friendship with me and random nigga #65.
(#65 – because they always never work out.)
Now add some other random ass associate niggas in the mix,
my friend not realizing he got a home (a week and a half) and not theirs …
we got the limited phone calls,
“let me call you back even though I literally just called you but ultimately I’ll never call back”
and my favorite … talking to random people in the background but trying to speak to me.

Why even communicate with me?
If you doing all this,
do not call me.
I am not some side order nigga.
I addressed the issue and as usual,
it went through one ear and out the next.
I had to ask myself:

“If you only speak to me when you are alone and single,
then what kind of bottom are you?”

What kind of bottom am I
if I even tolerate that?
I would never put good bomb ass peen before my friends.
When the peen is in someone else’s ass,
my friends are going to be there to pick up the pieces.
I would never put new associates over my friend.
True friends trump associates.
I don’t play that shit.
But since you tryna play a nigga like Jenga,
don’t be surprised if all the pieces fall down in the middle of your games.

Definitely giving you the “Mama Sonja” face right now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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