Forbidden Fruit – Last Bite

I’m about to fuck the shit out this nigga.

That is all there is to it.

“Damn shorty,” I said, gripping and squeezing all on his ass, “I thought you was about to not give me none tonight.”

You like that Daddy?” Jamari asked, sucking on my ear.

Did he have to ask?

Jamari pulled me by my hand and walked back over to the couch. I was seriously going to be tight if I didn’t fuck him tonight. I was never going to call him again if he ass teasing niggas. He pulled my sweats and boxers down and pulled my fat 9 inch Louie Slugger out.

“What you plan on doing with that?” I said, looking down smiling.

He said nothing but stick that dick in his mouth. He started sucking on the head slowly. I mean shorty was tryna tease a nigga. Pulling the head in and out his mouth. I won’t lie it was making me crazy horny. I grabbed the back of his head while he sucked the dick with a steady rhythm. I looked up at the ceiling and felt those sweet lips rocking the mic.

“Mmm suck that shit nigga.” I said, thrusting my hips back and forth.

I pulled my dick out his mouth and knocked it up against his lips. He smiled and took it right back in. He traced his tongue underneath the shaft and started sucking on my balls. Flicking his tongue on ’em and shit. I felt weak in the knees. I had to control myself before I looked like a bitch in here. Bad enough he had me moaning and shit.

Fuck that…

I grabbed him by his neck and lifted his head back. I shoved my dick down his throat and moved it in and out slowly. I heard him gagging on the dick but I didn’t care. I had to let him know who Daddy was.

Damn… Daddy….wait…” He said, choking on a mouthful of dick.

“Shut up…” I replied, smacking my dick against his cheek.

I picked him up by his arm and swiftly turned him around. I pulled his pants and boxers off and gave him a hard smack against that ass. I got on my knees and juggled both cheeks with my hands. I spread them to get in better, stuck my tongue inside his booty hole, and started licking. Judging from how he was moaning, I was hitting that spot tongue fucking him. I must have been opening his ass for about a good 5 minutes when he fell over on the couch.

“Oh naw naw… come here…” I said, smacking that ass again and pulling him back up.

I started fingering the ass with one finger to get him open and then upgraded to two. I was determined to get this ass tonight without any issues. Last nigga I fucked was too damn tight. Took damn near an hour for me to get the dick inside and I was already soft by then.

After eating and fingering the ass open, I got up and pulled my shirt off. I pulled my Magnum out my sweats and started to put it on. I was thinking how am I going to hit this ass first. I want him to get use to the dick before I really start laying it on him. I motioned for him to get on the floor and get on all 4s. I had to train the ass doggy first. I got behind him and started rubbing the head against his hole. I started to shove it in and then pull it out.

I can tease too.

I finally started shoving it inside. I could feel his walls grip Daddy’s Dick as I moved in, inch by inch. I lowered him by his lower back and started to really push deeper. I held the bottom part of my dick as his ass swallowed my dick.

“Shit!” He moaned out, raising his back up.

I smacked his ass and he lowered back down. I like how he obeyed Daddy. I continued to guide my dick deeper until I felt I was in. I grabbed him by his waist and started moving in and out slowly. I felt his walls massaging as I thrusted in and out slowly. I didn’t want to hurt him yet. I wanted him to know whose dick was inside him. After a good couple minutes of slow stroking, I decided to turn up the tempo. I watched his booty cheeks bouncing off my abs and it was turning me on. I couldn’t help it. I sped it up all the way and went in. He was moaning like crazy and I was loving every minute of it.

“You like this dick?” I asked.

He couldn’t even talk. I had him stuttering. That is how I like it.

“I asked you a question my dude!” I asked, giving him a good hard thrust, “you like this dick?”

“Yes Jerome!”

I got up in the Bulldog position and really started pounding him out. I never went this deep in a nigga before. I only get this deep up in Shondra. It was like I was drilling for oil.

“Get up.” I said, smacking him on the ass, “lay on ya back.”

He laid down and spread them fat thighs. I got in between him sitting up and holding him by his legs. Damn Jamari has some good boi puss. I won’t even front. I was feeling freaky so I started sucking on his toes as I was deep stroking him. He let out a loud ass moan as I sucked and bit on his big toe.

What the fuc…Shit. Damn Jerome!”

“That’s right!” I could tell he didn’t expect that. What can I say? I am a spontaneous type nigga.

I laid ontop of him and pinned his legs back. I wanted to try something new because between feeling high and fucking this tight ass, I was feeling freaky as hell.

“Are you flexible?” I whispered in his ear.

“Of course Daddy.”

I made him to bring his legs and feet all the way to his ears so his ass was sticking up the air. I stood up and held my dick down and entered him. It was a little weird but I moved in and out slowly. I wasn’t trying to break his neck giving him some hard dick. We fucked in that position for a good 5 minutes but I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. I stood him up and bent him over. I held him by his arm back and started pounding away. I knew this was going to be the position that I came in. I could feel it.

“Shit…” I said, pulling his arms back like I was about to break them shits off.

I felt that sensation. My leg muscles started to tighten. I started to pound his brains out and then, the cum shot out my dick and into the condom. I pushed myself deep inside him that he almost fell over.

“OH SHIT! OOOOH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!! Damn my nigga!” I moaned out. I couldn’t help it. That was some good ass.

I stayed inside him for a hot minute. I felt myself get hard again and we fucked one more time that night. I could see myself locking this down. He look like the type that won’t be spreading my shit and I will admit, he a cute lil shawty. Did I mention the ass is bananas?

We will see.

Wriiten by the one, Jamari Fox.

August 30th, 2009 @ 352 am.

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  1. Lol! I like how you told this from his point of view so you wouldn’t have to feel guilty about taking that dick. Because he especially felt no remorse for Shondra.

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