Meat Of The Minute: Trey Songz

Oh Trey,
I’m READY too.

I always check for this dude.
He is type: sexy.


He got this swagg and sexual presence that is undeniable.
I’d give him a booty sample.
I keep hearing good dick report cards about him too.
(Females. I know…)

He isn’t “Daddy” material but moreso double DD material.
For those who are wondering what DD stands for,
it means “Dick Dealer”.

You know,
that dude who you know that has that good penis.
You call/text him FIRST because the dick is always poppin every time you get together.
He could fuck you good for a straight 3 minutes,
but it is always good and you are left satisfied.

that to me is @SongzYuup
and @insidejamarifox would let him fuck me stupid.

…and I read he likes to choke you while he is beating it up.
Shiiiiiiiiiiiit nigga, he can choke the hell out of me.
I’ll wear those choke marks proudly.






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