Omari Hardwick for Brunch? Don’t Mind if I Do!

tumblr_nc0ysiqD4X1qjcz7ao2_1280when i say he could eat me seven ways until sunday…
inside voice.
omari hardwick and his wife decided to have a photo op.
oh wait.
that is his tv wife,
naturi naughton,
in his show “power”.
they are filming the second season and i hope,
no i pray,
there are more intense love scenes.
no omari,
his wife,
and beautiful cub had the brunch the other day in new yawk.
the ybf posted it the other day and well…
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Who Wants To Go To Hollywood?

I+Love+Lucy+Hollywood+at+Lastwell if you thought mona scott young was gonna turn down,
you obviously bumped your head and didn’t realize it.
there is a “love and hiphop: hollywood” on the way.
the cast?…
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Guess Who Will Be On “American Horror Story” Next Season?

ahs-nails-wallpaperyou will never guess who will be on “american horror story: freakshow”.
i bet you would never guess in a million years.
well let me show you…
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Dust Aaliyah Off and Cast Again? (Or Nah)

tumblr_n7c0z6Poo91rqiw2ro1_500everyone meet the new “aaliyah”.
no seriously.
her name is zendaya and she was casted to play aaliyah in her biopic.
i don’t know her besides being a “disney” something or the other.
go figure.
the aaliyah stans have been having a fit.
does she look like aaliyah?…
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K Michelle Is An Elephant and Erica Mena Is A Fly.

KMICHELLEERICAMENAi had a feeling erica mena and k michelle would get into it.
it would make for some excellent monday night fall ratchetry, right?
well they gave us a quick preview of what maybe to come on twitter

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Basketball Wives Miami Is Coming Back… But, Why?

tumblr_mpv1ivA3ss1saut7jo1_500i guess all black = dead.
the show that is.
the vixens of bbw are back for their final season.
missing are royce reed,
jennifer williams,
and the snow bunny i forgot the name of already.
they also have a new cast member,
tasha marbury,
who is married to stephon marbury.
there are going for a new mature and sophisticated storyline.
um, yawn.
me thinks that’s a bad idea,
but at least they look nice, right?…

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