Mario Rodriguez Jr Does Madea (Blink)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.30.09 PMit’s good to be a light skinned-ed and pretty wolf.
ask mario rodriguez jr.
mario has gone from collecting “likes” to cashing “movie checks”.
tyler perry,
who loves to give us “light skinnd-ed and pretty” in his productions,
casted mario in his upcoming flick:


i can’t even at the title…
well mario posted the good news on ( x his ig ).
here is the trailer
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Simone Biles Wants You To Eye Roll With Her Biopic

simone-biles-3i love the delusional…
so simone biles,
our olympic gymnast vixen,
doesn’t seem to own a mirror.
that or she wears her rose colored glasses everywhere.
i don’t think she knows what she looks like.
well she was asked on access hollywood:

“Who would you want to play you in a movie?”

this is what she answered
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The Cast of Marvel’s “Black Panther” is Revealed!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.58.54 PMso a weekend of two ago,
the pretty vixen and i went on the highline.
the highline was a railroad track that they turned into this beautiful park.
it stretches from 12th street down to 34th.
as we are walking,
chadwick boseman walks past us.
well it looked like him.
he was in mid convo with this gorgeous black wolf.
i actually noticed chadwick first.
i know my celebs.
when chadwick saw me,
he dropped eye contact and looked a little nervous.
i took it as he didn’t want all the “extra” of me coming up for pictures.
i don’t “do” excited to see a celebrity in public.
i’d rather do it vip or bts.

the pretty vixen was clueless as to who he was,
as she noticed the gorgeous black wolf first.
well chadwick is going to be in the new marvel “black panther” movie.
he is reprising his role as “black panther” from “captain american: civil war”.
he posted the cast picture via instagram

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Its A Good Time To Be A Transgender on Reality TV

okrhoablack vixens out.
transgenders in.
it seems like caitlyn jenner has inspired a new trend.
well not really,
but it all seems to be a “coincidence”.
so looks like there will be a new alleged cast member on “rhoa”.
if you guessed it will be a transgender,
then you get 10+ foxhole points.
guess who it is…
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An Attentionisto Joins “Love and Hiphop: Hollywood”

love-and-hip-hop-hollywood-cast-720x347so ive completely stopped watching reality shows.
like my whole tv line up is pretty much legit acting.
well you can say the same about reality tv,
so i was thinking to myself one day last week:

“i wonder when they will add the male gay storyline to love and hiphop?”

i thought of a scenario in my head.
the “friend who is secretly attracted to him” saga many of us relate to.
something like my “work wolf” saga.
well i guess the universe answered my question this week.
there will be a gay story line and it will be featured on “love and hiphop: hollywood”.
it features a very popular attentionisto i’ve talked about…

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We’ll All Be Going To Cali This Summer (Straight Outta Compton)

e03c65281e1138edfbb8ccf84385623eso there is a new biopic coming out.
it won’t be on lifetime or produced by wendy williams.
this one will be in theaters.
its called “straight outta compton” and its about the 90s rap group,
(nwa = niggaz with attitudes)
the group line up included:

ice cube
eazy e
dr dre
dj yella
mc ren

well they just dropped the cast pictures and…
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