Antonio Brown Uses IG As His Couples Therapy Session

baller wolf for the steelers,
antonio brown,
is mad af with his baby mama.
so what he do?
get on his ig and blast the fuck outta her.
i mean,
that’s what everyone does nowadays.
this is what he posted on his ig today…
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Paul George and Baby Mama: Marry, Kill, or Hate F’n Another Cub?

paul george is sexy af,
but like a typical male,
he is kinda
well i’ll let the foxhole decide on what he is.
so remember when paul tried to ( x pay off a vixen to abort his love-cub )?
that was when he was wyldin the fuck out.
good times.
well it seems like that same vixen is pregnant again.
according to terez owens
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Chris Brown Is Daddy! (No Seriously… He A Daddy)

tumblr_msu92xMOVu1s14t2jo1_500well i think congrats maybe in order.
chris brown is a daddy.
oh yeah this may get a little messy.
according to tmz
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Everyone Meet Antoine Dodson Alleged Baby Mama

Oxygen Network's "All About Aubrey" Series Premiere Partyi have been wanting to see antoine dodson’s baby mama.
i’m curious as to what this sucker attention whore blind woman vixen looks like.
well a f-bi sent me her picture and well…
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Blake Griffin Forgot What A Condom Was; Got For Eighteen Years

0923-blake-griffin-brynn-cameron-getty-3Former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron has an eye for athletic sperm. You may recall she had a baby with NFL QB Matt Leinart. Well guess whose baby she just had … that would be Clippers superstar Blake Griffin!

TMZ has learned … Brynn and Blake are now the proud parents of Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, who was born August 1st. The birth certificate lists Brynn as the mother and Blake Austin Griffin as the daddy.

As for the child she had with her baby daddy Matt, 6-year-old Cole lives primarily with her and we’re told she’s getting a boatload of child support — we know she was getting $15k a month.

Brynn and Blake were dating, and apparently it went well for a while — or for at least one night.

she is a baller wolf baby mama pro!
two child supports checks coming in.
one seed by a nfl wolf.
another by a nba wolf.
is she going for the mlb next?
aaahhh the joys of having a vagina.
ya know i had high hopes for blake.
too bad.

tumblr_lwg5pmGVcS1qzjix8 who knew snow bunnies could be so messy?

story: tmz

I Call Him Daddy Because He Really Is A Daddy“everyone has fuckin’ kids nowadays!”
i was just telling someone that the other day.
funny how in a yesterday’s comment box,
someone echoed the same sentiment.
back in the day,
like way back in the 30s or 40s,
it use to be adults getting married and settling down.
having a child out of wedlock was frowned upon.
now anyone with a fresh wardrobe and instagram account is a daddy.
…and not in the good sexual way as it should be!
it’s really common to mess with a DILF.
it don’t even matter the age of the wolf because times have certainly changed.
the “daddy” movement is getting younger and younger.
hell that DILF could be a hot 21 and not 41.
some dudes have 2 to 7 kids before they even reach thirty.
he obviously knows his way around a hole and had a falling out with condoms.
i always wondered how that kid would feel knowing his dad is banging you out/getting banged out?
“call me daddy!” fantasy ruined… kinda?
i started to wonder…

Does it feel weird to mess with a DILF?

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