Today Is The Day Star Fox Called Me In Tears

2012 seems like a tough year for everyone.

I thought it was just me going through the fire.
Shit, at this point I could as well take my clothes off and two step within the flames.
But, it seems that everyone I know is dealing with some issue or another.
Whether it is losing jobs, ending of careers, money issues, love drama, or just finding themselves
2012 is one for the record books.
 I started to wonder if those who are really strong to us that we look up too,
will they admit that they break during the hard times?
I mean, you know I don’t give a damn about telling anyone I’m going through it.
I cry about it, pray about it, and then write about it.
But, who do the strong cry too when they are weakened?
Or, do they even cry at all?
Shit, am I just an emotional bitch?
I had to ask…

Do big boys really cry?

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Did Diddy REALLY Show His Ass?

I usually don’t keep up with Rapper Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes and their foolishness.
I like them where they need to be: cumming with that lyrical ear pleasure.
But to be real, they always do the dumbest shit.
As usual, they get to ATL and start acting an ass for BET Hiphop Award weekend.
A place which a Fox would avoid like the plague, even if I got an invite.
Too much ghetto fuckery to be witnessed… and my cam doesn’t have that much memory.

Diddy and T.I. happened to be one of  “them people” I try to avoid last weekend with the antics…

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The Best Sex Given To A Fox (3.)

Star Fox Concludes…

“What Daddy?!” I replied in anticipation….
“Imma stroke dat pussy real slow!” he then broke down every move, groove, and motion! “Now imma grind in dat boy pussy! Scrub dem walls baby!” he whispered as I felt the head of his dick run through me and leave no part untouched. “You ready for me to pump dat pussy?!” “Tell me you want daddy to pump dat pussy!”

….and I did just what he told me!…
I collected what was left of my energy to obey his commands of verbal feedback.
He had reached his 2nd climax, but the end had yet to come!
After what I thought was the best of the night, he said:

“Baby, let Daddy get 100 more strokes!”…

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The Best Sex Given To A Fox (2)

Star Fox Continues Where He Left Off…

We proceeded to the bedroom and took off our clothes piece by piece on opposite sides of the bed, sending messages of built up desire into the atmosphere. He lays his lean caramel delicious body on the bed as I found my way to his impeccably designed dick! I started to give him straight oral pleasures and had only one goal in mind:

Make this nigga shake!

After a few Ohs, Ahs, and Damns… he asked me if I was ready for that dick. Without saying a word, I assumed the given position. He slowly slipped in making sure I opened up to every inch! The strokes came harder and grew with intensity by the second! As the erotic pleasures progressed, my finger tips found themselves gripping tighter and tighter to the pillow. I felt him slip out and he slapped my ass to signal the change in position. I found myself on my back looking up at his delicious body…


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The Best Sex Ever Given To A Fox (1)


On Jamari’s end:

I was afraid.
This was in like 2009.
I did not know what was going on.
I told this fool to call me ASAP.
It was an hour passed 1am.

Star Fox was in ATL visiting for a little while.
He was horny and was in need of a fix.
He got on BGC and A4A and was looking for the perfect one nighter.
It was a Sunday night, I had work the next day, and I was tired.
I was contemplating calling the police but I didn’t know where he was staying.

What if he got killed…
What if he was getting killed…
What if he was in the process of about to be getting killed?...

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