Straight Boy Swagg

I have a question.
One that I am sure me and other bottoms like me are wondering.

Can we have more gay dudes, preferably tops in this case, with straight boy swagger?

Is that so hard to ask?


I was invited to a cookout in the hood
and I damn near pre came on myself a couple times.
There were so many dudes that if I knew got down,
my daggone SIM card would be over capacity.
There were dudes who were wearing white Ts and saggin so you saw just enough cheek.
There were dudes wearing white beaters that showed scuplted muscular arms and body.
Regular hood dudes that just had that sexy masculine thing going on.
Dudes that were wearing polos but had the shorts saggin and you could see the booty imprints.
Dick grabbin and talking about random shit.
Shooting the shit with their boys and all that.

I can’t explain what is so different about how they act and how gay men act (besides the obvious).

Now before you look at me stupid

I am not saying I want a “straight boy”.
I’m not one of those bottoms.
If I did,
then I would be living in a delusional ass world and waiting on a fantasy.

What I am trying to say is
Can a gay or bi dude that have straight boy swagger and it be natural?

He carries himself like a dude and isn’t really into the lifestyle like most gay men.
He isn’t up in the gay clubs frontin’ and ready to do all the choreography to Single Ladies.
He sags his pants and wears loose fitting clothing (I like that actually lol)
His voice his deep and has a particular strut in his step.
He likes sports and would rather watch ESPN than HGTV.
The way he fucks you lets you know he is ALL man.
He wants his bottom to be submissive because he is dominant.

Now I have messed with a few dudes that fit those qualifications
but why do all gay men have to be so… fuckin gay?
I mean,
I love my gay brothas but lets be real
alot of us fit into a particular stereotype.

“The Gay Best Friend”, “The Gay Shopping Buddy”, or even “The Gay Hair Dresser”.

Clothes extra smedium.
Pants extra smite.
Bright ass colors.
Limp wrist.
All about fashion.
Queen Beyonce.
etc etc etc…

Why can’t more gay men be masculine?
I’m not saying we all need to walk around with out hands on our crotches and whats not
can I meet some who are just regular ol … dudes?

Do they exsist?

I know… I know …

“He asking for alot. He must be ugly. He must be feminine. He looking for too much.”

Blah blah blah.

Not even the case because besides being gay,
I am just a regular ol dude.
I know what I want.
I have a particular type that makes my booty vibrate.
Is that wrong?
Do I have to settle because I am gay?

I do not see straight people settling.
I am not attracted to feminine type guys.
Point blank and simple.
Looks are always subjective but I do like body.
Not into fat and fugs.
Doesn’t have to be a super model but at least let me be attracted to you.

I was dragged to this gay bar in the Vil one night
and I VOWED never to step foot in that hole in the wall AGAIN.
It was like,
the bottom of the barrel when it came to gay men.
I have never seen a bunch of gay men with no swag/style at all.
Older type crowd (those in NY know what bar this is LOL)
I saw so many FAILS that I was ready to click my heels and wish to go home.

I like going to straight events more in hopes of meeting someone I am actually attracted too..

It kills me how the one thing I want is so hard to find…
…and when you do find it,
because he is so “in demand“,
he is sticking his dick in every hole in site.


I am beginning to think being gay (with some standards) is actually hard.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Straight Boy Swagg”

  1. oh yeah,gay is hard n the hood.I dont know why the
    more feminine cats is excepted,and brothas like myself
    are not. Just keep yah eyes open and watch for body
    signals….cats on the low make eye contact,talk to
    u about nothing,always grab they dicks and they’re eyes
    say “lets do this’…..non of that date shit. Open your
    eyes and watch,you’ll be surprised….believe me.

    1. Kudos manchild.
      Next blog I write in the future is deciphering in the signs.

      Your input will be appreciated!

      1. Make sure put up that post ASAP, I’m totally clueless when it comes to picking up the signs, and I’ve come to the realization that BGC is a complete waste of time..well if u live in St. Louis.

    1. There are those who are a bit extra, I will admit. Once they are comfortable, a Gucci purse flies out of their mouth. But, there are gay men who just aren’t into all that and naturally masculine. Those are the ones I am attracted too. I can tell the “fronts” from a mile away. Their whole image and aura screams “THIRSTY”.

      Thas all I’m sayin…

  2. I feel you man…I also prefer the masculine, “str8-acting” dudes. My rule of thumb is that we should be able to walk down the street without it being obvious that we’re fuckin. BTW, love pics 2, 4 and 5.

  3. I can so agree with The Gayte Keeper. It all seems like an act to be something. He’s gotta wear his pants a certain way. His caps gotta be tilted just right. He’s gotta grab his dick every minute. It’s all an act.

    I tried dating a “hood dude” and he just got on my fucking nerves because he kept feeling the need to “act manly”. That shit got old and I got rid of him.

    I would much rather have the regular masculine dude that’s just himself without all of the extra. He’s a lot less maintenance and a lot easier to deal with because he’s being himself and not putting on an act to impress others.

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