SongBirdz Is Simply Amazing… With 3 Videos?


another video songbirdz?
i thought we were still promoting 2 reasons?
uk release?
are we sure?
ok, well i’ll give you a little boost.


so, my pouty lipped boo songbirdz is trying hard with this new album.
3 singles so far.
or, was this 2?
i lost count.
either way, check the video for simply amazing.
tell me what you think.


but still a filler record.
get 2chains or pusha t NOW.
but, i feel he needs a nice cross over record.
r&b is on life support.
he better get his techno on and sing to the snow bunnies like breezy wolf and neyo.


usually i pre-order his music,
but i’m not feeling these records songzbird.
i need you to go HARDER.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “SongBirdz Is Simply Amazing… With 3 Videos?”

  1. They keep trying to make this nigga happen. I’m starting to think Kevin Liles is hittin’ that because how many more bombs is this dude gonna put out before they finally drop him. No hate because I fux with Trey pre “Say Ah” with the braids. His new shit is so corny and pandering to younger audiences. Just because you can take off your shirt doesn’t mean you talented. But on another note, anyone notice how phat Trey’s ass has gotten over these past two years? Lol

    1. Nobody aint dropping him as long he keeps looking the way he does. The man is beautiful as hell and as long as the ladies love him he aint going no where. They will accept his music.

      S/N: that ass looks good in that pic. yo he is mad fine.

      1. I’m not hating on Trigga, I’m just sayin that his audience will eventually age out of the type of music he makes and so will he. He’s pushing 30 fast and doesn’t have one critically acclaimed album. Hot singles can only take you so far. He can very well fall off just like a Sisqo.

      2. I know you are not hatin, but I get what you’re saying. Yea his audience will age out, but he will leave a mark in the industry though, whether it’s with his ass or his music. LOL. Naw, but seriously though, I think he will be a few notches under R. kelly when it’s all said and done. Sisqo and Trey are in a totally different categories. Sisqo couldn’t survive as a solo artist, but Trey makes good music that he keeps our attention so that we are checkin for him when he’s about to drop an album. On each of his past albums, I have at least liked 3 or 4 of his songs, and those songs are the most popular ones.

  2. This is a good song, but ”Dive” is the only one I really like from him of this album. I want him to go back to keeping his clothes on and being less sexual and bring R&B back.

  3. He doesn’t need to do techno. That’s on its way out.

    What Trey needs to do is take a break and spend time thinking on what inspires him. He’s out here pumping out filler records to make a quick buck without any regard for the artistry that goes into music.

  4. “Ladies & Drinks” or whateva it’s called sounds very much like “Say Ahh” IMO. When your album sounds start to blend, take a break, or do like RiRi & find stellar producers each time out that can vary their stuff.

  5. he is getting older its all in his face, them looks are slowing fading. damn shame. he def not one that gets better with age. that cute sexy boy next door look is fading

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