When We Role Play… (40)


you work hard.
well, i hope so.
so right now, you work in an entry level position.
your boss happens to get down,
and has been taking you out for lunch and even late night dinners.
he has a proposition for you…

you sleep with him and you move up the ladder.
that means more money, more status, and a corner office…  just for you.
sounds good, huh?
your boss decided to send you some pictures to entice you….

are you willing to get your “white girl” on for better pay?
or, do you polite decline and stay at the bottom?


Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (40)”

  1. I honestly despise Steve Harvey… But Id let his loud, country, chicklet veneers having ass hit for a promo… I don’t see why not

  2. I don’t get down like that. Nah, I told myself that I would never sleep my boss to get a higher position. I rather stay where I am than to lose my self respect. Even if it was a fine youngin I still wouldn’t do it. If I do that lord knows what else he’ll want me to do. Then he might start threatening me and shit.

  3. No mam. It would really depend on how much of a promotion I am getting. If I’m going from the bottom of the ladder to the middle then no. But If I am going to the top than yes I would just also require an upfront fee before he even touches me

  4. Shiitttttt Vixens have been doing it for years without giving a damn about looks!! If he wants me to fuck him then MAYBE. But if he’s trying to climb my back then I’m reporting his ass to HR

  5. Who in the fuck took those pics, who told him he was sexy? I can’t with the small head, bald head and the old man flab. The last pic is just all kinds of wrong. What kinda face is that? LOL His chompers are funny looking and scary at the same time.

    Aside from the horrible visual, you should never mix business with pleasure. Never ends well. Hard to avoid someone you work closely with and anything great you do afterwards will be questioned if the relationship is revealed.

  6. We would need to sign a contract first, on what position im taking and how i cannot leave the position until I CHOOSE TO… because these wealthy men will pull the plug on your ass once you dont give them what they want every time… lol

  7. That’s an easy one. I’d report him for Sexual Harrisment, and instead of the out of court settlement that the firm would offer, I’d ask for, and get his job!

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