i’ve been writing on the foxhole since 09.
i’ve been fascinated with the entertainment industry way before that.
from people i know irl to those i’ve written about:

A majority of these folks aren’t stars.

i’ll say 90%.
they are simply stand-ins at a dress rehearsal.
you know a real star when they arise.
i watched the trailer for the new netflix doc about marylin monroe.
it’s called “the mystery of marilyn monroe: the unheard tapes“:

i started thinking about how it’s so easy to reveal secrets these days.
back in marilyn’s day,
when someone tried to out or reveal secrets about public figures,
even if you aren’t one or not

Their ass was getting murdered and it might be posed as a suicide.
Sometimes it was a murder that couldn’t be solved.

people weren’t so bold since we didn’t know their every move.
maybe thats the gift of social media.
you can out people,
their lives,
and your reward is becoming a star or “influencer”.
you influence others to do the same in hopes of their big break.
some people applaud the low-hanging fruit for being gross.
i will font there is one entity that will end you for outing anything.
that entity is:

The government

they don’t play with their secrets.
i suspect that’s why marilyn met her demise.
she was about to start allegedly talking.

These big-mouth hoes (whose fame is usually by getting fucked)…
These messy gay and trans attentionistos (usually getting fucked/fuckin’ too)…
All of these folks would be silenced indefinitely.
They might not even get a shot at fame just based on their energy.

some of these attentionistos should be grateful we live in different times.
they are able to be messy and live to see another day.

lowkey: marilyn was the type of star that we don’t see nowadays.
even if she was everywhere,
she knew how to create an allure that made you want to be her,
fuck her,
and hate her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I’m fascinated with the entertainment industry, too. But I remember it back in the 80s, when we had Right On! and Black Beat magazines. They weren’t doing all this mud-slinging and clout chasing that we’re seeing now. They kept it fun and classy.

    (P.S. another good entertainment source back in the day was RadioScope — I used to LIVE for that broadcast every Sunday night!)

  2. Aqua Boogie
    Right On with Cynthia Horner was my go to for news about celebrities.
    I have been fascinated by Jacqueline Onassis and Maria Callas since I was a kid. Marilyn was a part of that Camelot set; having affairs with Bobby and Jack Kennedy. Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford. I always pitied her, but appreciated her talent. She was a outsider. The Party Girl lifestyle wasn’t kind to her. Those guys were exploitative and cruel.
    The allure she possessed still fascinates the public. There is no way these overexposed shills and male and female fame whores could ever achieve that element of panache. Folks are obsessed with airing out every sordid element of life.
    Even the Playboy pics of Marilyn bear a kind of sad melancholy energy.
    Jamari, I hope you enjoy.🌹

    1. ^yoi are on the money.

      no cap,
      but i find the stories from that era to be more interesting than the celebs of today.
      everyone is trying to be a star and the market is oversaturated with regulars with a social media following.
      the stars of yesterday and days long gone are far more interesting.
      their deaths made them stars.
      dorthy dandridge is another who had a pretty fascinating life.

      maybe that’s the key word.
      many of the public figures nowadays are easy to figure out since they drop all their cards on the table.

  3. The only white women who fascinate me are Zsa Zsa Gabor, Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Nicole Smith and a few others who had this “fabulous” aura about them.

  4. I
    Have Josephine Baker, Bricktop, Cicely Tyson, Josephine Premixed and Belle DaCosta in my library. Their stories are daringly avant garde and eclectic.
    These legends, these legends.💓
    Wallis Simpson captivated my attention since childhood. Zsa Zsa showed up in Barbara Hutton’s bio, had a affair with Rubirosa who was Barbara’s husband. The paparazzi stalked them yet their personal lives remained mysterious and inaccessible.

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