it didn’t take long for dwyane wade’s daughter,
zaya wade,
to get scooped up.
i mean,
it’s easy when you are the child of a famous nba baller wolf.
the wades took a picture for easter and zaya introduced us to the new boo


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gabby tagged him so you know this is serious.
his name is hudson and he is a trans wolf,
meaning female to male.
my hot take is i had a feeling zaya would end up with someone white.
that is the energy i get from her which isn’t a bad thing.
regardless of sexuality,
everyone out here is trying to find someone.
zaya is lucky she comes from famous roots.
her coming of age story will look much different than the rest of us.
good luck!

lowkey: dwyane wade has become a model before our eyes.
he is enjoying this retired baller wolf fame.
he and gabby are keeping themselves are keeping each other young.


  1. I don’t care what color the boyfriend is, it shouldn’t matter who anybody falls in love with. I’m rooting for this cause at the end of the day people thought Zaya was gonna be this so called “bottom”, “femme fatale”, “boyish girly girl” and Zaya ended up with a Transman. So in a sense, they are straight! Rub it all in their face Zaya! Zaya flipped the script and I am all for it with Dwayne and Gabby!

    Now Zaire, damn that glow up! You know she having fun with him. Zaire letting everybody focus on Zaya and this dude just quietly turned into his daddy.

  2. Can’t relate. My parents wouldn’t let me invite a date over to a holiday. They’d tell me to focus on school and I’d better not get her pregnant.

    A trans boy though. VERY interesting.

  3. Good for Zaya and all … but Imma need that LV SWEATER the older brother got on!

  4. We’ve been having an ongoing conversation about interracial dating this month and I’m just reading the comments waiting for the crabs in a barrel to show themselves.

    Here’s my problem with all of this: how old is Zaya? Like is she even a teenager yet? I’m happy she has her first love and I’m super happy that she found love in another trans person. That’s incredible to be that young and find love in our community with someone going through the same struggle. But I’m not into glorifying these children and giving them the same space we give adult relationships. All of this just doesn’t sit right with me and I really have to side eye the Wades because I understand that you want to be the change you see in the world but at what cost and whose expense?!?

  5. Maybe my perspective on this is off base but something doesn’t quite sit right with me. I know they’re young but the #zayawade hashtag in the young man’s post doesn’t seem genuine. A tag is fine, but a hashtag? It’s giving clout chase to me. Also, while I do think Wade’s approve of him, I also think it’s interesting that he’s the only one that posted the kissing photo. I would feel better about it if she had posted it.

  6. I’m not surprised Zaya has a white boyfriend. Not because of self hate issues but because in general whites(now-a-days) come across or how I see it portrayed as having less drama than others when it comes to lgbt issues. From what I can tell the main ones talking down on Zaya and Wade are none other than black ppl. But what do y’all expect…he’s a black celebrity, him and Gabrielle. We are more into our own ppls gossip than others🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. I think its adorable. She’s very mature and very smart.

    So many “Black people “spewed hate on this poor child . I do not think she has the chance to be around other Black kids who parents would approve. It’s really sad how parents in the Black community can be when it comes to disowning and claiming to “Beat the gay out of their kids” .

    I cannot believe in 2022 that some of my Brothers and sisters are so ignorant on a broad range of subjects:

    Transgender & Gay Children

    Light skin vs Dark skin
    So many Black men reject women who look like their Black Mother
    Accepting the “Gorilla Emoji ” as something positive

    These are just a few of my concerns with [SOME ] portions of the Black Community in 2022 . It like 1822 ( Sad)

  8. Congrats to Zaya! I’m low-key jealous of this generation. I could only wish I was Zaya’s age and be about to have a boyfriend. But, it is what it is and I’m glad this younger generation is coming out and not living in that stressful ass closet.

    On Zaya’s bf being white….I don’t care. The rules/restrictions I have for myselfI don’t impose on others. Also, I can relate. Zaya grew up in predominately-white and rich spaces. What did you all expect? You’re going to ultimately develop relationships with those whom you’re around the most.

  9. i’m happy for Zaya and for some reason i am also not fully surprised that Zaya is with a white person.

    (SN: My friends keep saying they believe i will be with a white person and i want to say no but i have been seeing some that are cute is that weird?)

    1. Hey…I figured that Zaya would be with somebody white just like with EJ Johnson…but good for them. And hey of you find yourself attracted to somebody white…go for it.

      I couldn’t and won’t ever do it….but that’s just me. 😎

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