i think outing does the opposite effect in certain situations.
when people are outed for simply being themselves,
it ends up making others feel empathy and compassion.
so the outer gets banished while the outed gets praised and supported.
rapping wolf,
isaiah rashad,
got outed last year.
( x see it here )
he got major support from many of his peers.
he addressed his outing at coachella during his set…

that is how you handle an outing.
his set reminded me of the intro to christina aguilera’s stripped album:

if you get outed,
whether its sexuality or someone wants to make you the villain:

1 – Say absolutely nothing.

2 – Go ghost and let people wonder what happened to you.

3 – Observe all the people who threw dirt on your name.

4 – Glo up during your disappearing act whether its new clothes,
haircut, bawdy, or attitude.

5 – Archive all your old social media pictures because that is your old life. Reemerge like a completely different animal or release your creative endeavor around the outing because this is your new life.

6 – Drop mic.

you always wanna be outed by someone people that burn bridges.
those are the easiest to take down because their reps proceed themselves.
if people see that you were done wrong,
the jackals and hyenas who outed you will be destroyed by public opinion.
you will get a boost because the underdog always comes out on top.
being outed isn’t the worst thing in your life.
how you handle your scandal is what people are watching.

lowkey: i been talked about and treated like shit for being kind.
i have been called all the names in the book.
who i am was weaponized by people to hurt me.
i have been used,
and thrown in the trash by people i thought had my back.

that kind of treatment creates monsters.


  1. Its quite a few hot gay rappers and I don’t mean by looks. They got bars but by them being openly gay, they won’t reach Drake status until somebody like Drake or Eminem put them on. We know 50 won’t cause he just tried to out Benzino. Already made fun of his former artist. People sleep on these gay rappers. They got bars and they suck a mean dick too lol

  2. He is actually a very good rapper .He is better than 80 % of the rappers currently out. BTW ,I wasn’t surprised that he was gay. It’s just now days people assume that 2022 gays are like Saucy Santana . Folks forget that the vast majority of gays fly under the radar.

    1. Good for him! Let’s see where his career goes from here. We’ve never had an out male gay rapper before and I’m curious how this will shape his music and if hip hop will embrace him like Fivio Foreign or any of these other fast rising rappers.

      No shade to any of the gay male rappers who lead with their sexuality first and their rapping secondary.

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