so reese took his life because he was an alleged abuser?

so remember the story of the suicide due to being bullied over dating a transvixen?
it involved reese,
who is pictured ^above.
( x read about it here )
we fonted about not fighting their bullies and winning,
but it seems it might not have been the bullies that caused the outcome.
reese might have been “the villain” in this story.
a foxholer sent me this tweet:

that led to these other alleged tweets…


i can’t confirm the alleged is true,
but it brings about a good conversation.
it made me think about jumping on the bandwagon without the full facts.
this story was presented to the audience as suicide by bullying.
now don’t get me wrong,
others have been bullied and killed themselves over it.
reese was looked at as “the victim“.
it came with a viral video that showed him being tormented for “living his truth“.
trauma creates and sells headlines.
the “truth” is he might have been an abuser to this trans-vixen.
i had to wonder…

Are we addicted to making something “trend”,
even without getting much proof?

i was finding it weird that i never saw/heard from the trans-vixen.
he allegedly took his life because of dating her,
but she wasn’t vocal about his suicide.
if these tweets are true,
it really adds another level to this story.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “so reese took his life because he was an alleged abuser?”

  1. She states “My intentions aren’t to trigger anybody or argue”. However, the tone of the messages state otherwise. While the intent according to this young lady is to “get the truth out”, the question should have been “is it my place to inject myself into an A-B situation”. This young man committed suicide for whatever reason we may never know. Regardless of the reasons, is it really for anyone to become the C part of the of an A-B situation?

    While her intentions was to set some record straight, she demonized the dead. She wanted to spill some Tea and cause drama. The adult way to handle this would have been to just simply stated he had demons to deal with (like we all do) and he is at peace.

  2. I was all over this when it came out. As soon as I found out about the homophobes I was on Twitter ready to go off. Had a one of my transgender co-workers show the abuse thing. We still have an issue with homophobes but also with domestic abuse in the gay community. Its It’s more prevalent than folks think too.

    I once knew a dude whose bf used to beat the shit outta him. I told him to leave but he stuck with him a little longer. Used to pull that dude by his hair and everything.

  3. It’s crazy cause I’ve been thinking about the way he might have been in their relationship since I heard him call his girl a tra*ny on that video. I thought it might have been out of frustration, but when I think about it… even though he might have been in love with a trans woman, he probably still had some transphobic feelings that he hasn’t addressed, and might have taken that out on her or himself at times. So, she had every right to leave, but I’m sure the fact that he’s been ‘exposed’ for linking a trans woman, and then having to defend their relationship only for said relationship to just be over really has to hurt, and fuck with your emotions. I also don’t wanna sound judgmental, but people who decide to get face tats like that are usually people who are also dealing with some kind of underlying mental health issue. So, the combination of a few things could have probably led to his suicide.

    Do we jump to conclusions too fast? Maybe? However, it would be very odd and strange to come to the conclusion that he was abusing her from a video where he seems to be defending her, and pictures of them laid up together. Just like the Jussie story where people kept saying that they knew he was lying from jump, but what was shown and told to the public at first wouldn’t lead you believe that he was lying.

  4. Why cant real children of the lord just say god bless his soul and keep moving bottom line a young king is gone to soon why do we judge

  5. I figured there was more to this “reese” story and I’m glad i didn’t jump on the bandwagon. I am still disgusted by that bullying video with reese but this latest revelation sort of puts this story in greater perspective.

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