so i watched “a fall from grace” and well…

so i did it to myself and watched “a fall from grace“,
tyler perry’s new movie on netflix.
i was waiting for reviews,
but i was bored and wanted something to watch.
now i’ll give the good first (spoilers)…

the acting from crystal fox and claire huxtable was amazing.
they took that script and churned out good performances.

the bad: everything else.
now the plot twist at the end was good,
but it had a ton of random shit and plot holes after it was revealed.

Why would a cop leave two criminals handcuffed and tell them “stay there”?

How are you beaten to a bloody pulp with a bat,
blood everywhere,
but only have black eyes and some bandages wrapped around your head?
not only that,
strong enough to have a whole fight scene?

How are these 10 randoms handcuffed in this basement?
No one cared they were missing?

How did all those fireflies rise up after her spinning in one spot?

The first scene was a woman jumping from her death in that same house,
but you mean to tell me that they didn’t investigate the scene of the crime?

Crystal worked at a bank,
but over 300,000 went missing on her watch and she wasn’t arrested?
They simply fired her?
Excuse me?

Why are 20 white folks present for your firing?

Why is your job computer with all your work shit open after you got some dick?

Why is Cecile Tyson the only person allowed not to be handcuffed in the basement?

How is Claire able to get another job after such a high profile situation?
Is that not national news?

Why was the set the same place I saw in “The Oval” and “Acrimony”?

it’s hard to be entertained when you’re left with questions,
especially when it doesn’t make any sense realistically.
not only that,
don’t even get me started on all the editing mistakes.

tyler bragged about shooting the movie in 5 days,
but there was so much wrong.

How can a blatant script and a screen shot that was supposed to be a phone call get missed in post production?

this was worst than a starbucks cup during medieval times.

if the movie was about two older vixens,
one after a horrible divorce,
and having to pick herself back up,
that would have been a better plot.
waiting to exhale” in your 50s,
and 70s.
maybe even getting scammed by a younger male in a less dramatic fashion.
a fall from grace” just had too much going on.

lowkey: tyler’s first movie and “why did i get married” were the shit.
his work started getting way too dramatic after.

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “so i watched “a fall from grace” and well…”

  1. I didn’t want to watch it, but after seeing people about it on my timeline… FOMO got the best of me gotdamnit. So I went straight to NF and watched the last 10 minutes of it. Mr. Perry was not going have my ass sitting through 2 hours of poor writing and bad wigs.

  2. Ya know what I hate to say it, but at this folks are going to be watching his movies, just to get a ki-ki and to be the armchair movie critic.😂😂😂

  3. but the finny part is even with all that it was his best movie to date. The actresses carried it but the male characters….

    I said this years ago..TP got people brainwash
    ed to believe he writes and produces good stuff…so many details and bad acting makes his stuff trash but people pumped his head up so much… whos dick is he sucking soo good ?

  4. If TP would just change course and create a writers room or ideas/writing talent bank and draw from that, he would start off on a better footing.

    If you want to keep it Black that’s fine, I’m all for it, just make sure you don’t break the law, but find top Black (and other POC) technical talent and put them to work.

    He could be his own Hollywood–he basically is–or Nollywood. ATLwood. But giving people substandard product isn’t cute and even his stans might get tired of it after a while.

    BTW, I’m surprised he has done a superhero movie yet. Or did he and I just missed it?

    1. please dont give him any ideas. We dont need him trying to do Black Panther 2. Marvel is doing just fine. Even the Transformers doesnt need him to make it any worse

    2. Tyler has played in a Super Hero movie. He was somewhat a Villain in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He did have a Writer’s Room but he got rid of them because they didn’t agree on scripts. Marvel is not going to let him nor is DC is going to let him, write, direct, or produce a comic story. He would have to write his own like Blankman, but people wouldn’t watch it so…. yeah.

  5. all I have to say is his movies are in dire need of a writers room, better editing or better yet new editors not yes people who will rubber stamp this mess. sorry giving a pass just because he’s black or a black product does not fly with me. if you want me money give me a good product not a half ass one. he’s come to far to be making some of the same mistakes and producing the product he’s making. yes he’s providing opportunity but the most successful ppl in the long run hire good people from start to finish and over see but not write every script themselves like that’s some major point. it’s not if the script is leaking with holes everywhere.

  6. Every movie, tv show is written, produced, directed, and shot on his property TP Studios. That way, he gets a check for every hat he is wearing and he gets a check for using his space. He loves to rerun his “Best Actress/Best Actor’s” from his shows. He has basically given them all a movie. The wigs are always horrible and noticeable but as long as he is using them, he gets paid. He already owns BET+, BET doesn’t own it. Viacom gave Tyler BET+ as part of a deal to give them shows.

  7. Now let’s get to the holes. The cop should have been disciplined for letting a high profile criminal escape. She hit you with a frying pan and you tell her to stay there, what the hell you think she is going to do.

    Grace was in jail for a period of time so he was able to heal from the wounds. Why he is not dead, clearly, his mama took him to a hospital under an alias. Who’s body they found with the DNA could’ve been the real Shannon who’s alias he used. That’s the question they didn’t even answer. The police said they ID’d the body and got the DNA. Not once did the lawyer look or ask for the test to see what they put on it. I get that part, she didn’t know how to be a lawyer because she didn’t ask a LOT of questions. Even I would have questioned Claire and asked, “did she say she killed him or she think he may be dead”, “how do you know if you can’t even remember how long you was on the phone”.

    The bank, first off, the bank should have done their own investigation to see who had access to her account and traced it. You need physical proof with that much money. What got me is the bank who allowed her house to be mortgaged without her being present. I would have sued their ass for not checking protocols.

    Now how she got off, case dimissed, the person they thought she killed was killed by her lawyer.

    Why didn’t the police investigate Claire house after the lady jumped off the roof?

    1. 😂😂😂 When I tell you the scene at the bank had me rolling. They both like “it wasn’t me! Who could’ve done this?” “I don’t know, but we will investigate who used your information”. I’m just like um…don’t Banks have cameras 😂😂 Although she did figure that out three scenes later 👏

  8. TP makes rushed, lowbrow, tortured cinema because he anticipates that his fanbase isnt sophisticated enough to care about finer details, completed storylines and multi-dimensional characters. He’s just like Trump, he throws out whatever sloppy stereotypes and tired tropes he can come up with to his base and they eat it up in the form streams and ticket sales. AFFG is his latest attack on black cinema and in true Tyler Perry form, the buffoonery, lack of detailed storytelling and ratty wiggery ran amuck. Did they even explain what Mechad Brooks’ character even did with the money he stole? Nope. How were these two women friends for six years yet she never knew she had a scamming son? How was he able to casually transfer six figures to himself without ever having to come to her job and access their software? How were they able to charge her with life without parole for a murder but never discovered the body of the victim? This movie had so many holes because in some weird, incessant need to make movies in a matter of days, he says “fuck it” to any fine details and it is nonsense. I’m so sick of the “he employs so many black people” narrative, because if this is the result of him hiring so many black people, maybe he needs to re-assess who he’s hired. Just because he hires other black people and makes a profit does not mean we still cannot demand excellence.

    1. Mehcad transferred the money to his account and gave it to his mama who was his partner. Claire wasn’t friends with her, that was her mark. Remember when Hannah told Claire everything she wanted from a man. That was everything Mehcad was doing to her. Claire never mentioned she had a son because they were con artists and they didn’t want to anybody to catch on.

  9. I will admit that this movie was better than I thought it would be. But, I wasn’t going in with expectations so maybe that helped 🤔 Either way to me it’s at the least watchable. My only gripes are really the the humorous editing mistakes, the run time (movie did not have to be two hours) and the sequence with the closing arguments where Sis attempted to challenge the Judge. What…what exactly was she trying to accomplish? I was lost af 😂😂

    1. She wasn’t an experienced lawyer and they were explaining to her that, no matter which judge she stands before, once the defense rest, the deliberations are over. That was the only thing Tyler got right, her not knowing how to be a lawyer. All she did was plead cases and settle as a Public Defender. She never went to trial, never had a murder case, never been head lawyer.

  10. What I didn’t get was why did all the black characters have the main roles but had to wear wigs? All the white people wore their natural hair. If he was looking for sex appeal, he definitely could have kept that wig off Mehcad.

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