So… He Doesn’t Like The Feel of Condoms Apparently?

tumblr_m0w6h8j1JZ1qzddo2o1_500dwight howard likes to fuck.
i’m being honest.
well he welcomes his 7th (or so) random baby with girlfriend christine vest.
royce from bbw broke the news since she didn’t know.
urbanbelle is about to fill you in…

Dwight Howard and girlfriend Christine Vest welcome baby boy? According to ex “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed, Dwight’s girlfriend recently gave birth to a baby boy. And to the shock of many, Royce had some very pleasant things to say about the news.


dwight-howard-and-girlfriend-christine-vest-welcome-baby-boy1royce went ahead and posted something on her instagram:

dwight-howard-and-girlfriend-christine-vest-welcome-baby-boy5of course,
they jumped on royce and she had to clear the air:

dwight-howard-and-girlfriend-christine-vest-welcome-baby-boy3FOUND @ URBAN BELLE

ugh-disgusted-oi detect sarcasm in her tweets,
but wow nonetheless.

he sure fooled me.
i thought he was big and funny.
i wouldn’t have taken him for being so sloppy.
you would think he would be careful.
i don’t know how these vixens do it.
i’d be the baby mama from hell.
no way ima be one of your many cum deposits.
these baller wolves need to get it together.
not every vixen needs to have your baby.

tumblr_mb38krLIvj1r4fk9jo1_250there should not be another after this one dwight.
not attractive.
oh the new baby mama had this to say:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 12.11.28 AMx christine

x dwight

x royce

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3 thoughts on “So… He Doesn’t Like The Feel of Condoms Apparently?”

  1. I cant with this dude, used to have a crush on him when he first came into the NBA, he seemed so different, like he was really a cut above. I guess the very strict religious upbringing stifled him as a young man, and when he cut loose, he really cut loose, but it aint a good look no matter if you do have the money to take care of all those kids, brothers and sisters should be able to grow up around each other and know each other, and if at all possible, have the same parents. Many of these ballers we are crazy about, register a zero on the character scale. This is probably going to be another TO story once he stops playing earning all the big bucks, random jump offs fighting in court for a piece of the left over pie.

    1. ^you are so right t!
      he pitched that religious background to us, didn’t he?
      i should have seen that as the first warning.
      these overly religious folks can be the worst ones.
      ive seen it all from church folks.

      i’m not gonna blame him fully tho.
      these females should know better.
      are they seeing dollar signs or “genuine” attraction?
      how can they take a man who has multiple children everywhere seriously?
      when he says “baby no condom tonight”,
      they should be dead punch him in his face.

      1. genuine attraction? LMAO you must have the game all the way FUCKED up around here. Plus these broads are mostly broken or dumb af, so .. who cares? ION D.Mcintosh is the only queer that cgi for now

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