So…. Devin Thomas Just Up and Retires?

so ok?….
that’s it?…

ALBANY – Former Giants wideout Devin Thomas is done. The fifth-year receiver, who recovered two key fumbles in the Giants’ NFC championship game win over the San Francisco 49ers in January, first announced the move on Twitter.

“I have decided to retire from the NFL,” he tweeted simply from his official account, @IAmDevinThomas.

Thomas, who is just 25 years old and had been in training camp with the Chicago Bears, said he stepped away from the game because he has other goals.

“I mean, you know, football, it’s just a game,” he told the Daily News. “I enjoyed playing it for awhile. I had my greatest moments obviously with the Giants. I felt my spirit going other ways. I just felt it was a good time to let the game go. I think this is the perfect time.”

Thomas, a second-round pick of the Washington Redskins in 2008, struggled during the first four years of his career, trying to find a niche with the Redskins and then the Carolina Panthers. But he rediscovered himself with the Giants last season, earning a job as the team’s kick returner.

Thomas later lost that job, but he played a critical role on special teams for the Giants in the playoffs. And that, he said, allowed him to walk away from the game and be at peace.

“That’s the whole purpose of me playing the game anyway,” he told the News of winning Super Bowl XLVI with the Giants. “I accomplished my childhood dream. I couldn’t care less about personal goals as far as Pro Bowls and receiving yards.”

Thomas told the News he will now focus on planning his upcoming wedding with fiancé Porshia, spend time with his four-year-old son, Devin Jr., and “give some of my time and effort back to my hometown” of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

that was a very anti-climatic end to his career.
foxes – let’s wish him the best.
he have us great eye candy through-out the years.



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10 thoughts on “So…. Devin Thomas Just Up and Retires?”

  1. Awwww…this is why I love him. He seem so level headed. He came into the game did what he set out to do and now he wants to move to bigger and more important things. Maybe he didn’t want to be one of those middle aged players, who suffers from dementia due to too many blows to the head. I do hope he got some long money to keep him going…You know he is getting married! My baby’s daddy is growing up…*sniff*

  2. I have a feeling he will be back. I wish him the best of luck in his future. That top pic made me kinda hot. He’s so damn fine.

  3. We have not seen the last of Devin! This brutha is too sexy and fine to just disappear. With his good looks and that body, his opportunities are endless. Modeling,acting or some other area of entertainment is waiting for him.

  4. No say it aint so, man Im gonna miss seeing this man on the field. I know we must follow our hearts so I am gonna wish him well but I think he has a few more years left in him. I hope we will continue to see this beautiful man in another capacity.

  5. i lusted devin like the next fox, but ima call a spade a spade…
    he made a better model than a football player.
    his stats speak for itself.
    he did not have a desean jackson or adrian peterson like career.
    he was bounced around from team to team,
    and luckily landed on the giants where victor cruz overshadowed him.
    he barely was on the field,
    but he took great photos and i will remember him for that.

    i hope he finds a career in something that allows his beauty to shine.
    football wasn’t it.

  6. Why am I not surprised since he is a pretty boy so best of luck to him, now he can focus on his true PASSION….modeling.

  7. OMG THAT MAN IS THE DICK THAT ILL BE EATING lol, my god!! ooh btw jamary imma need some tips of you BTW HOPE HE KEEP IN SHAPE

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