Sightings: City Gym Boys

So I saw The City Gym Boys this weekend,
up close AND personal,
and I must say they are actually quite sexy like in person.




^-Rafeal Leonidas: How do you say, “Sex Me Real Slow” in spanish.

^– Yusef, from the back!
I like his front better.

I was walking with Family Fox thru the Concrete Forest
and fine dudes were already assaulting my vision all day.
I was in my own world when I heard him saying:

“What is going on to the right? What is going on to the right?”

When I looked, I gasped out loud.
All I saw was some nice tanned pecs in my face.
there was a whole LINE of pecs holding up calenders.

I nearly lost my balance and my mind.

I tried to snap pictures but I did not want to be obvious.
I told him lets duck in Forever 21 and go browse for a minute and then come back out so I will be armed.

can you believe when I walked out they were GONE!

I was type pissed, but Im sure I will see them again.
I will definitely make sure to have visuals for your viewing pleasure.

One beef is that they are short.
They always struck me as tall lumber jack type niggas…
…. but in reality,
some of them are kinda bite sized.

Or maybe I’m just taller and they are smaller.

Either way,
I’d rumble in their jungle gyms anyday.

Any word on if they like penis, ass, or pussy?
I did hear they were using gays to pitch those calenders.
I hope not.

I know one of my Foxes has a confirm.
Email me: and let me know something good.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Sightings: City Gym Boys”

  1. From what I’ve been told they’re all heterosexuals using their sexiness to market to gay men through calendars and appearances. Ive seen many a picture of them and yes, they’re gorgeous. I dont mind of their tall or short, fine is fine. Ur lucky you got to see them in the flesh. I just dont know how you managed to stay conscious? I would have lost it.

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