RIP Will Smith

330B43D800000578-0-image-m-17_1460332895490these jackals are going crazy out here.
former nfl defensive line-wolf,
will smith,
was shot and killed by a crazy ass jackal in new orleans.
the reason: alleged road rage.
his wife,
raquel smith,
was also harmed in the incident as well.
the whole situation is extremely sad and i hope justice will be served.
the foxhole will keep his family in our prayers.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “RIP Will Smith”

  1. Bad people are everywhere ,we just have to remember to watch what we do ,and to keep our mind on staying away from drama ,and being able to say ,sorry when we are confronted with fools .we are all fighting demons
    And we need to show each other respect. People of color need to remember how the slaves felt in the past we show each other no respect, I am sad for our people treat people the way you want to treated, show respect and receive respect. Time does not heal all wounds we need to remember how the slaves felt ,and acted just so we could vote and change the world but we steal kill and destroy from our own people, and get no respect from others but I wish we got respect from us , my heart is so full but I wish we could go back to Martin Luther King respect

    1. Facts man. There was more solidarity when we were oppressed, shit even when we weren’t blatantly oppressed like in the 70’s. If only human life were valued more.

  2. The way I see it is that all too often blacks/African Americans are like fat people. Sometimes fat people will say “I’m tired of being fat. I’ll do anything to not be fat anymore.” But when you tell the fat person that to not be fat anymore requires that he change his exercise and eating habits, he may say/do, “I’ll do anything to not be fat except those two things.” And, although he may engage in fad diet after fad diet, he and refuses to change his eating or exercise habits for long so any weight loss is slight and/or temporary. Similarly, blacks/African Americans seem to want to do anything to get up from slavery and Jim Crow except what is tried-and-true (proven) methods to make socioeconomic progress.

    And in both cases the foreseeable result is death and disability. Fat people die early from heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. Black people have a life expectancy about five years less than other Americans. Fat people are often disabled in their activities of walking, running, walking up stairs, etc. Black people are often disabled psychologically (Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome is real [ ], by self-hate and self-doubt, etc.), culturally (by bad habits [like the use of the N word] being passed down from generation to generation by example, etc.), economically (inability to get jobs due to lack of education, criminal record, etc.), politically (by voting rights being taken away due to criminal record, by not playing politics in a wise, effective way, etc.). And like many fat people, black people often stubbornly and angrily INSIST on continuing on the path to death and disability.

    Look at this word: “LABORATORY”. For blacks, there’s too much “oratory” and not enough “labor”. Black apathy and complacency are rampant and widespread. It’s more than apathetic. It’s pathetic.

  3. This is NOT an color issue. In every community most crimes are intra racial. So if it’s in a predominantly white area most crimes would be white on white. The same applies if it’s Asian community, Latino etc. Studies have shown this so to imply that someone’s death is simply because lack of unity in black community, it just doesn’t correlate. We live in an over sexualized, hyper masculine, aggressive society enamored with violence and many have issues. Lastly they do NOT respect LIFE and what it means. Quick to kill needlessly. Lost world we live in. Color doesn’t equate to violence. Please stop perpetuating the same, illogical stereotypes. The sooner we do that the better. White guy kills numerous people he’s deemed crazy. Black guy kills someone his entire culture is attacked and displayed as violent and divided and the ’cause’ of his actions. The media has done this for so long blacks beat them to the punch and tear our own culture down

  4. Sad to hear, I’m trying to get my road rage under control, its not thing like this but I get pissed off at drivers all the time when I’m on the road. I have to remember people are crazy out here and while you might think nothing of a honk of the horn the next person might and take offense to extreme measures.

    May he rest in peace and may his wife recover quickly from her injuries.

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