RIP Keith Lamont Scott

keith-scott-22i threw up watching the following video.
my anxiety flared and i got sick to my stomach.
another senseless murder starring one of “us”.
everyone say goodbye to keith lamont scott.
his wife caught his final moments on her phone…

add this wolf to the growing list.
it seems like a trend for “them” to hunt “us”.

i had to ask myself what was going through his mind?
i look at shit like that.

was he scared?
was he brave?
was he in pain?
did it happen so fast that nothing could be felt?

it all makes me so sad.
i have no other words than my pray for justice.
rip keith lamont scott.

lowkey: this killed my question from the last entry about this.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “RIP Keith Lamont Scott”

  1. I am still trying to figure why did they even approach him.N.Carolina is an open carry state.You don’t even need a permit to carry a small handgun.So if he did have a handgun,so what?They were there to serve a warrant on another guy.So unless you saw this guy robbing someone,threatening someone,etc.Why even talk to him.Also I can’t figure what’s the rush,what’s the hurry? Why not take some time to talk to his wife about his condition.She mentioned he had TBI(traumatic brain injury) and just took his medication.It’s always shoot first.Lastly if he was threatening their life why is it only one officer fired.One officer fired all four shots.It’s like in the Tulsa case that female officer fired her gun but the other four officers didn’t fire their gun.So was there a threat to their lives.

    Waiting to pick up your child at the bus stop and then you are shot dead by a cop.

  2. Yeah, why didn’t they let her intervene to handle the situation before it escalated hmm… So I guess if your mentally ill, the police don’t care. I’ve seen this many time and it doesn’t end well and it’s worst in your got a weapon.

  3. I’m actually not too sure about this story here. Not only did he have a firearm, it was laid out near him as though he went to grab it. It doesn’t help that the family keeps lying or speaking off he say, she say.

    I wouldn’t dare carry a firearm around as a black man. Even if the officers were wrong, they’re about to be more justified in court simply because he had a gun. It’s ironic, buying the gun for protection and it gets you killed by cops.

    1. I think it’s strange that the gun is not visible on the ground in the video but is is visible in the pictures,next to his feet, after they put up the crime tape.CNN posted a side by side comparison.

      1. @ycolette there’s speculation that what’s seen there is not a gun at all, but the officers gloves, gloves that fell as he was pulling them from his pocket. After watching another video, I see how that can be the case.

        Also, it would be mighty stupid to plant a gun while the man’s wife is right there, and visibly recording

        Finally, CNN loves to instigate

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