giphy-1so it happened.
the resignation happened.
just as i couldn’t take it anymore,
it all came to a swift end

i was sitting at my desk,
ironically feeling frustrated with my surroundings,
when my outlook dinged that i had a new email.
actually in a loud unison,
every computer in my department went off.
all i saw was the words:


…and i opened it up immediately.
so my boss resigned from her position at my job.
1rub94it said her last day is this friday.
this was one of those life plot twists i didn’t see coming.
the bad part?
liar liar will be the acting “boss” until they find a replacement.

“they don’t even have a replacement yet?” i asked myself.

i called thing 2 and told her.
she already knew it was going down.
she also told me that my boss hasn’t been happy for a while.
this was actually a long time coming.

“liar liar in charge tho?” i said.

“thats why that happened.
she knew she was leaving so she did her that favor by promoting her.
you know she always had her back.”

when i hung up from her,
i texted work wolf and told him.

“oh word?
i know u happy.
well that hoe gonna have a ego now.”

yeah i don’t know how i feel about liar liar being the temporary boss,
but this is going to rather interesting.
i know one thing…
as soon as that replacement gets there,
i will be working on that ass.
i’m definitely going to make it my mission to have him/her in my corner.

tumblr_m6ly866jQc1rri87ijust you wait.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. J, you had me worried for a second. I thought you were fired at first. I rejoiced when I read the boss was resigning. I actually smacked my lips when I read liar liar will be acting as the new boss. Let’s hope they get a replacement who can see through liar liar’s games. Shame on that lady for promoting her in the first place.

  2. I was initially thinking “He finally did it, he quit. DAMN.”

    I know you could not stand her lol. Liar being boss tho?…..I have a feeling you will be working overtime.

  3. When I first started reading I thought you quit I was like nooooo, but I’m glad your boss is leaving just make sure you do everything by the book while liar liar is in charge. Hopefully, when the new boss comes liar liar gets axed out the new boss should see that liar liar is a nutcase and maybe liar liar will get demoted, leave, or better off fired. Congratulations Jamari see your better days are starting right now.

  4. OMG i got excited LOL
    I was like “DID IT FINALLY HAPPEN?” My heart was actually pounding for a sec! LOL!
    I thought it was you! I was hoping! I’ll be patiently waiting on the sidelines for that day!

    Geez Liar Liar is in charge? The rain just keeps pouring harder eh?
    Definitely a sign bro.
    Why do people like that get all the power? Its ridiculous!
    Get your teflon protection ready J!

  5. Boy you had the title of this post playing with my emotions. Glad there will be someone new in charge but can he/she come with the quickness liar liar’s head is already big enough, who knows what she has up her sleeve. Still praying for ya hope it goes well.

  6. Mark my words, your old boss just set Liar Liar up for her great fall, I knew it was coming but not this fast. One of two things are going to happen. They are going to get rid of Liar Liar before the new boss comes or Liar Liar is probably going to quit when the new boss comes because usually incompetent people who are promoted egos are so out of control she is not going to be able to handle being second in charge again. You have a little more time because she will not want to rock the boat by trying to write up or fire people while she is temporarily in charge, usually you have a winning case when this happens with HR because the new boss has not been in charge long enough to properly assess you. This may shine the light on Liar Liar incompetence, she is really getting ready to feel the fire now. All her ratchet ass ways are going to catch up with her as well with all of her extra curricular hoeing after work. The powers that be are not going to want to risk having to pay out lovely sexual harassment monies if they get wind of her nasty ways. I think in the long run this is going to be a win for you, that is if you even want to stay at this place. It would be sweet for you to be able to leave with a new position as well, so HR could give Liar Liar the side eye. When a couple of people leave a place at once, management usually panics. Stay tuned this is about to get real good.

  7. I thought you threw them papers in the air. lol. Now you have to deal with that crazy, hoe ass. Good luck.

  8. I was thinking you quit too lol. I was saying to myself time for him to put a plan into motion ASAP. This could be a blessing in disguise. Like Eric was saying keep doing what youre supposed to do and more. Make a great impression on this new boss who is coming. Who knows, you might be the new supervisor around those parts.

  9. Oh you go it made. Let Liar Liar do some stupid sh@# so you can sue their asses! Keep notes…really good ones. Document times, witnesses, things said. You are about to get paid!

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