real former house husbands of atlanta discreetly love cake? (episode 1)

“Ass so fat,
you can see it from the front.” – Mos def, “Ms Fat Booty”.

i feel like atl is the “black mecca… for all the dl wolves to play“.
most of the foxes down there tend to be thicc af.
it must be all that cornbread and “waffle house“.
cameron hill aka @mylifeascameron has a stupendous tail.
he knows his ass is stupid big too.

you can literally see it from the front.
well in his “non” trying to out someone,
he alleges that a former rhoa hubz was trying to deep dive all up in that.

this is what he put on his twitter

 of course,
everyone wanted to know who it was.
we all nosy on the internets so duh.
it was gonna go viral and he further explained himself:

first of all,
he decided to “clarify” to strangers on the internets.
don’t “clarify” to strangers on the internets.

sidenotes: People love saying random shit online,
going viral,
and then getting shook when folks take the bait.
Why is this?

…and of course,
someone put two and two together:

did this “change” happen in prison?

is this why he looks so miserable with his new vixen?


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no offense,
but cameron isn’t the smartest.
big booties don’t always equal big brains.

I would have been secretly sexin’ the brains outta Apollo.

i won’t even lie to you.
he is sexy to me.
at least hint about it after you get the alleged dick.
you see the type of damage he can do on a pickle.

lowkey: weren’t they alleged rumors about apollo?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “real former house husbands of atlanta discreetly love cake? (episode 1)”

  1. I’m late to this tea party, but nothing surprises me regarding Apollo Nida. He’s a grifting Scorpio who has been in and out of prison most of his life. His inhibitions are lower than 72nd St station on the Q train. He’s been known to troll for sex at barbershops and gyms in ATL.

    As for Cameron, his flat feet are distracting. I’m not interested in his high ass Photoshopped kidney-sitting booty as he seems like a typical catty sassy bitchy ATL metro fem.

    1. Ummm if you go to his page he has videos of himself too. His ass is definitely fat and not photoshop

  2. It it wasn’t for the hidden reply, Bob would have been my guess. Those big and goofy ones get down too. Apollo didn’t have a chance because this guy likes them white.

  3. Somebody said it looks like he has a BBL and now I can’t unsee it.

    When you look at the lack of muscle development in other parts of his body it makes sense. Since his parents are coined I guess he can afford it.

    Don’t let him finesse y’all with no workout program.

    Something tells me his whole approach to this situation would’ve been different if it was a white man.

  4. So Apollo isn’t a bottom and he fumbled the D? What an idiot. His body is shaped like a woman’s though.

  5. My first thought was Kordell, but I guess that’s TOO obvious.
    His ass is about as real as Wendy William’s titties.

    We all know he wanted clout, it is what it is.

  6. If you believe this along with his ass begin that phat. (It is fat but more wide than fat) I have SEVERAL rivers to sell you. This dude is trying to kick up dust to sell his “workout program” STOP it lil’ boy!

  7. If you don’t want me talking don’t slide in my inbox… He doesn’t own a slider nothing. Besides from what I have seen this one likes playing in the snow so whoever the husband was probably did not have a shot.

  8. This is where these kids got it all messed up. I understand we live in the age of social media but what was the point of sharing that… you aren’t outing them (thank God) …you aren’t warning anyone of anything… providing any type of useful information so what was the point?!?!?? Oh I know, CLOUT. CLOUT. CLOUT. CLOUT. I really wish ppl would just own the fact that they like the attention rather than providing a car fax to justify why they don’t need the attention when if that was really the case they would’ve not said anything.

  9. There were rumors of Apollo before. My thing is for some of these Messy gays is if you’re not going to expose anyone why mention that someone was in your inbox? Attention whore’s on social media.

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