how do you think mr. bolden feels? (well, he has been telling us on his twitter)

no one likes to be outed before they’re ready.
it is unfair to expect everyone to be as secure within themselves to handle all that comes with it.
mr. bolden was known as a “wolf” in his porn image,
but he has since been exposed as a “hybrid” by giving the cheeks to jaynite.
( x see that entry here )
he is planning(ed) on suing jaynite,
but a foxholer sent me what he posted on his twitter

he does realize most gays are very judgmental,
to some,
it sounded like he is still in his feelings about it.
this video came out years ago so I’m confused why this is a “thing” now.
it led to this question and response:

i see two sides within this whole mess.


i think it’s pretty fucked up of jaynite to expose that video on his platform.
if he didn’t have a discussion with mr. bolden of the possible release,
it should have not have been released.

How would we feel if your ex started an onlyfans and decided to upload all of your personal sex tapes to the platform?

Bad enough,
he’s getting paid for it and you’re not seeing one single dime.

so mr. bolden can be upset about how it went down but…


…this is still technically his fault too.
he let someone put him and his image in the wrong “position”.
no pun intended(?).
i think all of these posts are showing his insecurity about it.

he is doing way too much to prove he is not phased,
but it’s making it seem like he is.

the best thing to do in situations like this is to not give any kind of response.
you gotta be your own publicist when you have a platform.
a majority of shit doesn’t need a response.
he needs to lay low,
keep fuckin’,
and allow some idiot to get in the headlines.
you know we have short attention spans when we aren’t entertained with a scandal anymore.

lowkey: I’ve never really watched his movies tbh.
i will say he does have a stupid fat tail.


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this fox was on my type of time in this video.
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18 thoughts on “how do you think mr. bolden feels? (well, he has been telling us on his twitter)”

  1. Mr. Bolden is obviously in his feelings.
    He shoulda kept his phone away and his mouth shut once the video leaked.

    Go off. Take that time to shoot more content. Come back after a fortnight and dropped it like it’s hot.

    But nah. Nigga be in his feels. Ugh. Talmbout 12″ dick is the product. Some of his viewers are there for his FAT TAIL way before it leaked where he was nearly screaming “raaaaaaaaaàaaaaay”. Like we all know most of these porn stars bend it like Beckham when the cameras stop recording. Rhyheim’s hole keeps winking at me when he’s impaling those white boys- and it ain’t the weed. We been knew. But nigga hustles.

    Bolden better smoke a blunt and stop commenting or tweeting about it. Wait, where’s that his on screen “boo” again in all of this mess? He shoulda advised him better.


    1. He’s not an ugly dude, but I really don’t see the big deal about him. 60% of black men out there (myself included) have a really phat ass. He’s average wide ass to me. When you have lesbians and straight men, walking with their wives, breaking their necks to look back at your cakes, then come talk to me….or rather come walk WITH me. LOL! Dude needs to stop sweating it because all he is doing is showing people how insecure he really is. It’s half his fault. He said from the beginning he knew the type of person he was dealing with before he allowed him to come over. Man up, admit you fucked up, and just move on! People will respect you more for it and it might just salvage your image.

  2. Yes Jaynite shouldn’t have exposed the video but they BOTH do porn and Bolden should not have recorded it, I don’t feel bad for him one bit.
    He isn’t upset it was exposed he’s upset the world can visually see him bottoming.
    He is so sickening

  3. Why would he film something that he wasn’t comfortable with??

    Never ,never trust anyone!!!!!! If he was filmed without his knowledge sue! If he doesn’t want to pursue legal actions lay low and let this chapter die down. This is why people need to be careful living life online and having a Fans Only account. Nothing gets erased and dirt lives forever!!!

    Just ask “Miss Twitter”. She spills everyone’s Tea ( ha ha ha )

  4. If this guy don’t make a video and satdown! Like, we’ve got much more going on in the world. We all know most of these dudes bottom. What’s wrong with bottoming? We really need to stop the shaming of it. Just for a few views and clicks. It’s NOT needed. I also think he’s pressed because it got leaked before HE could profit from it. No one is stupid boo, no one.

  5. Ok so first lets stop acting like this is the NBA or the NFL. This is porn we are talking about. When you record sex on anybody’s camera, it’s possible for it to come out whenever. It can leak 20 years from now because it accidentally uploaded. That’s nobody fault. Regardless if Bolden gave Jaynite the ass, he may not be the first or the last. Jaynite is not a complete top either. Sex is sex, dick is dick. There are some tops who will bottom for a dick bigger than theirs. There are some false tops who are low key bottoms. Regardless of who fucked who on camera, at the end of the day, there are still bottoms willing to get fucked by Jaynite and Mr. Bolden and possibly both at the same time. The only people spending energy on this is people choosing sides. Jaynite could give too shits. Bolden and give two shits. Regardless who in their feelings posting about it. They only doing it to hype up more fans and see who fans they can steal. Its all a game. They fucked just about everybody, they need fresh booty. Onlyfans is not gon stay on top for too long. Look at Tumblr. The hottest place to watch and find porn only to get shut down and loose its popularity. Tumblr has been sold three times since then. Yahoo bought it, it got sold again because Verizon bought Yahoo. Then Verizon sold it to WordPress. Onlyfans is next. All it takes is one video to shut it down.

      1. I just found it..they could’ve kept that, by the way ppl are talking about it I thought it was gonna be some Grade A smashing but it was a D-

  6. Can I ask a serious question? I am not familiar with this guy, does he do straight porn? If not I am confused about the controversy.

  7. Tired of this. Bullshit all around. He shjudt she the fuck up and move on. What is the big deal about taking dick once or twice or even 3 times in your life🙄🙄🙄 SMH this masculine thing is going to be the end of some of us. BE HUMAN…how bout that🙃🙃

  8. I never was into him either, to be honest there aren’t that many black porn wolves that I am into, the faces never give. I only really prefer following black foxes.

  9. Damn this pandemic must really be kicking our asses to care about this shit. Neither of them are worth all this.

    Mr. Bolden is just mad his image was blown up. A lot of these top on video because they can be on autopilot and give mediocre content. Bottoming is more intimate and brings that inner bitch out lol

  10. these OF hoes need to sit down somewhere. Every is playing/catering to the gay fan-base and sucking their dumb-asses dry (most of them). He bottomed….did he really think that shyt wouldn’t make its way onto the internet?! He can’t be that naive. Ok, you want to be perceived as an extraordinary top…but got caught in a moment of “weakness” when he got them cheeks spread. It’s out there. Say you’re versatile and call it a day. His back and forth trying to “justify” the situation comes across as sad/denial.

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