inviting someone from grindr to take you to poundtown might get your shit killed (literally)

“Really look at people before you allow them to come into your home,” Raine warned.

i keep telling the foxhole to stop letting randoms from hook up apps into your homes.
it hasn’t been ending well for many gays who are looking for sex.
the crazy part is it’s not even safe to get a room either.
i heard a story of someone getting a room but ended up getting robbed.
the second hyena was hiding in the closet.
so my question is:

If gays use sites like “Grindr” and “Jack’d” to hook up,
how are we supposed to get sex within this current climate of crime?

everything is “at your own risk” these days since the pantene.
it’s literally survival and straight hyenas are preying on gays.
here is another story of “why did you let some strange meat in your home?” via “the advocate“…

Police have arrested a man they say used Grindr to set up a robbery and eventual murder in Houston.

Benjamin Davis, 29, was arrested Saturday and charged with the capital murder of Victor Najera Betanzos, according to local TV station KPRC. Harris County sheriff’s officers say Davis admitted to meeting Betanzos ostensibly for sex but actually with the purpose of robbing him before strangling him to death with a scarf. Authorities say Davis downloaded the popular dating and hookup app after hearing it was useful in locating potential robbery victims.

He learned from other individuals, people we don’t know, that it’s pretty easy to get into people’s homes on this app and rob them,” Assistant Harris County District Attorney Chandler Raine said.

Davis began chatting with Bentanzos on Grindr and eventually arranged to meet at the victim’s residence in Houston, according to sheriff’s deputies, who also say Davis admitted to striking and knocking Bentanzos unconscious after entering the apartment and then using the scarf to strangle him to death. They say Davis told investigators he tried to destroy evidence by pouring bleach on the victim’s body before stealing his iPhone, iPad, and truck. Deputies arrested Davis after finding him driving the victim’s truck.

Davis remains in jail on a $500,000 bond. He had already served two years in prison for choking a family member in 2018.

not “after hearing how useful in locating robbery victims“.
it’s sad he took someone’s life for apple products and to joy ride in a stolen truck.
the way crime in new yawk has skyrocketed <
i think the best thing is to find an fwb/consistent fuck buddy,
preferably someone you know or fucked before.

I’d rather have an fwb or fuck buddy I’ve been around and feel comfortable with.

it is way too hot in these forests right now to be trying to find new meat on the apps.
i know that might be hard for some,
but at least you aren’t opening yourself up to be violated in your own home.
2021 seems to be about “survival“.
stay vigilant.

article cc: the advocate

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “inviting someone from grindr to take you to poundtown might get your shit killed (literally)”

  1. Maybe this is a sign that I need to remove myself from the apps and chill. I kept having missed connections and feeling like I was wasting my time maybe this was the sign that I should just move on from trying to make a fwb connection.

  2. Also you could invest your coins in a replica dildo or pocket-pussy of a pornstar you may like and go to poundtown on pornhub. It’s crazy how some people still haven’t invested in a good sex toy, it will change your life people. I recommend Lelo products (especially the Loki Wave) or Calexotics’ pinpoint prostate probe and I have heard some good things about Aneros products.

  3. Call me crazy, but maybe they could start by not treating sex as something that’s a good idea w someone they just met 5 years ago? Maybe meet and use their words w the person, in public, over a drink/coffee before swapping DNA? Most criminals aren’t gonna waste their time w that, when there are ‘easy access/open all night’ holes ready to be robbed, or worse.

  4. Ive never cared for grindr. I always ran into weirdos on there. Unfortunately these things happened before gay apps, these situations have occurred since the party line days. Predators out here looking to kill primarily, then steal. These things started on party line, Blackplanet, then on Craigslist, sex trafficking and crimes were so heavy Craigslist they passed a bill and removed the personals section and Backpage all together. All of these sites are dangerous, whether straight or gay if you invite someone in your home. But the sad part is most gay men are attacked by people they know. So even former lovers can be dangerous. Be careful, USE COMMON SENSE, also that Man looks crazy. Folks be looking thrown off and people still invite them over. I’m too paranoid, I sleep with my gun by my bed. After hearing stories like this I’m afraid to meet new people and the fwb I have I’ve known them for 6+ years.

  5. They probably tracked his ass down with that apple ICloud and this fool thought he would get away. Too bad it came at the cost of this mans life and thank god for modern technology. Hell the only way I could think about avoiding situation like this is to screen the person with their name with google.

      1. No, they don’t. All of that shyt tracks you in some way, shape or form. It sounds crazy but Big Brother is DEFINITELY watching you through app usage, phone usage, even smart TV usage. And cameras are EVERYWHERE. It’s scary.

  6. I used to go crazy on Jack’d & Craigslist back in the day, literally different Niggas every weekend. I was lucky to not have encountered anything like this, it was a back to back case of chlamydia & syphilis thats slowed me down. I knew the BIG ONE was next so I took a step back but two fuck buddys I have now I met off Jack’d been going two years strong now!!!!

    1. Wow! Your story is interesting and some angel was looking out for you. I used to be on BlackGayChat, Grindr, Jack’d, etc all the time in my younger days. I was slutting it up. Never caught anything even though I met a lot of assholes (not the good kind) and time wasters. Only got Chlamydia once and it was cured in like a week. Soon as I decided to settle down in a committed (well, I thought it was) relationship, this dude was cheating on me left and right, doing all kinds of drugs behind my back, stole $5000 from me, and gave me HIV! Yeah, that shit messed me up real bad for a long time. But Im still living and thriving 9 years later.

        1. Thank you. Everything happens for a reason and life is always going to have challenges and obstacles you have to face. You can either allow those things to break you down or build you up stronger than before. Im not saying everything is “better” now but I’m doing much better than I was. Life is a journey. You gotta deal with all the bumps in the road to enjoy the ride.

  7. It’s very rare that you meet anyone of substance on these apps. And now with this pandemic people are desperate and will do anything for money. I’m doing a full background investigation before I get with anyone. If you ain’t got the basics (job,car, home) we ain’t got nothing to talk about. Health screening too!

  8. What’s crazy is, this was a 2011 article and in 2021 we are still getting situations like this.

    Whether its Kik, Grindr, Jack’d, Tinder, Scruff, A4A or all them other damn apps, be safe.

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