why your flop era(s) is actually the best part of your life

every celeb has a “flop era“.
even our favs have had a moment where it didn’t look good.
that is when their movies,
or albums all flop like a fish outta water.
many of us laugh at them and like to say “they’re over“.

question: Why do we do that?
Laugh and kick people when they’re down?

…but it takes one role or hit album to get someone on top again.
sometimes a really good scandal pushes them back on top after years of being paid dust.
^that tweet spoke to me today.
i had to wonder about myself…

Am I in my flop era?

i have no job,
unemployment is playing games,
my phone is dryer than the sahara,
i feel really lonely,
and my motivation is at an all-time low in this first quarter of 2021.
i’d say that is pretty floptastical in the eyes of many.

have you ever noticed that some celebs,
when they are in a flop season,
will do way too much to get attention?
they are so dependant on the validation of their fans,
they feel like if they leave the spotlight,
the whispers of them being “over” will become louder in their heads.
that can be many of us when we are in our flop eras tbh.

we all are guaranteed a flopping ol’ time.
life has its ebbs and its flows.
we are on top today,
getting praised and our privates getting sucked,
to suddenly falling to the bottom of the mountain.
i’ve seen/been in many flop eras in my life and my best advice:

Step away,
go inward,
go with the flow,
and allow all emotions about the flopping to sit with you.

and emotionally,
you have to let The Universe guide you to what’s next when you step away from it all.
i find when we fall victim to depression,
and the yearning of validation,
it can make you feel really low.
not only that,
when you see people you thought were down for you suddenly bounce,
it can make you feel like you’re over and done within these forests.
no invites to parties/events.
no one wants to fuck you anymore.
it can be a real downer,
but no cap:

The feeling you get when you rise from the ashes is almost better than an orgasm


when those same people want to come back,
you can afford to get your life back in order,
and life turned lemons into a whole lemonade business,
that’s why flop eras makes total sense.
sometimes you gotta fall,
make bad choices,
and look like a real fool to appreciate how far you’ve come.

so like the tweet,
be kind to those who are in an era of flopping.
you never know when they’ll be the most powerful one of them all.

lowkey: maybe…
just maybe…
turn your “flop era” into an “era”.
stew on that for a bit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “why your flop era(s) is actually the best part of your life”

  1. Jamari, have you thought about YouTube? You alrdy have a following here, and you can monetize there. I’m working on something myself… Let me know if you wana brainstorm on some ‘2 NY heads are better than 1’.

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