ray j has a psa for his fellow straight males about gay males

ray j shocked me today.
i know his sister that some of ya’ll didn’t know,
has many gay friends and fans.
ray j encourages straight males to show gays more love

it’s a shame that ray j has to teach the straights common sense.
i keep telling and fonting the idiot straight males:

You can’t avoid gays if you are trying to work in entertainment or fashion

they are two worlds that we dominate.
since many straight males aren’t trying to be doctors and lawyers,
but are set on being the next celeb or achieving 15 minutes by looking cute,
they are creeping into a world propped up by many gays in power.
the straight attentionistos would be broke without gays.
how many vixens do you know are signing up for their onlyfans?

How many straight vixens are subbing to see some straight male bent over with his butt cheeks in the camera?

thank you.
big shout-outs to ray j showing he is an ally out there.
kudos for him having common sense in 2022.

lowkey: i’m sure he has a lot of gay fans due to that big meat of his.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “ray j has a psa for his fellow straight males about gay males”

  1. Something about Ray J just doesn’t seem genuine. It came off as “I want that gay pride money so book me” 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. I was with him until he came with that Ray Pride bullshit. 🤣 I can’t with his ass. Good intentions tho!

  3. Yeh…Jamie F will do the same thing. …but yeh Ray gettin dat money up while enjoying the “benefits” as well. It’s a living! I ain’t mad.

  4. The “Ray Pride” promotion threw me for a loop. We know the Love & Hip Hop checks have ceased. Is he being genuine? I’m not convinced but points were made. We know the gays are quick to give you their money if you appear “supportive” and are attractive.

  5. So now they see how much them Pride checks are and they want to be booked… yeah ok. Ray wasn’t defending gays like Tank so Ray keep your gay circle, you too late. Try again. We seen the pencil dick already.

  6. Well, they don’t call him “Ray Gay” for nothing. 😂 But seriously, he’s obviously bi, but of course he’s not going to come out & it’s easy to hide in Hollywood.
    And him suddenly playing “gay ally” is pretty transparent as well. Unlike Kim K (who made out like a bandit from their sex tape), Ray’s been relegated to doing things like “Love & Hip Hop”. But, clearly those check have dried up & he’s off to his next hustle.
    If he had done this around the time he was hot off his sex tape, then of course some of “the gays” would still be lusting after him.
    But now he’s only a lil more relevant than guys like Bow Wow or Soulja Boy. So unless Ray “comes out” or drops a better sex tape, I doubt this obvious potential cash-grab isn’t going to really work out the way he hopes. I think “the gays” are more interested in what Lil Naz X or even Saucy Santana are doing.
    But I may be wrong.

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