Rage Against The Homosexuality (The Cool Christians Are Doing It!)

tumblr_mthtekOO3x1sj0peoo1_1280like i said yesterday,
“trevor from gta v” aka phil robertson has every right to his opinion.
its the “saying it out loud” that can be the problem.
i’m sure duck dynasty will still be on the air,
money will still be made,
and the swamps will still have ducks to be killed.
the problem is that when these kinds of scandals happen,
it shows the true hatred of most people about the lifestyle.
suddenly everyone is a born again christian,
throwing holy water and holding up crosses.
maybe even resorting to violence if you catch the right one.
matthew shepard.
vladislav tornovoi.
the teens in jersey.
we like the witches in american horror story: coven.
just without any power,
or do we?
god forbid this was jamaica or one of those “kill on sight” countries.
i often wondered:

Is it safer to stay in the closet?

i love writing for my site.
i’m a discreet gay male who gets to talk about my fantasies,
what turns me off,
be as open as i can about my struggles in life,
and interact with others like me.
i even talk about sexy vixens when i see fit.
problem is,
this site and the content is also very taboo.
“he is talking about men in sports,
you know that really male dominated arena,
like this?”

tumblr_m6q25g7Lj11qezjlu“how dare he!?”
i love the male body and the people who reside in them.
if i happen to get the dick/a man outside of the site because of it,
then score 4 jamari fox!”.
the wolves i talk about are all pretty much straight.

some have rumors,
but i don’t confirm gay until solid evidence.
don’t out anyone on this side of town.
my private conversations is another story.
some of the wolves i have talked about have even sent me emails saying,
“thanks for the love”.
my site can be a stroke to the ego,
to say the least.
that doesn’t mean over the years of anonymous blogging,
i haven’t seen hatred up close and personal.
i think the worse was “kerry rhodes-gate”.
thats when i really saw how ignorant people can be.
the same wolves who supported him when he played football,
they were all throwing rocks at him.
vixens who wanted to fuck him were calling him another “f” word.
how quickly they turned on him once the rumors started going out.
i even got a tweet from some random “@kerrythefag”.
looking for a little 15 minutes, i guess.
this person had a screen shots of them sending hate messages to his mama on Facebook!
it got pretty real.

tumblr_loctdfzwX71qia0fbi started to wonder about the gay lifestyle and hatred.
the tables turned when trevor was talking about black folks.
weren’t they saying “well it’s his opinion” about the gays a few minutes ago?
it is no secret the lifestyle isn’t accepted by many people.
its the attacks and violence that make things really scary.
that’s why i’m so against outing.
you don’t know who is crazy homophobic in someone’s life.
some straight people can are really vindictive and can turn on you.
for something that isn’t even their business.
even in our lifestyle,
with the blacks at least,
most people are trying to pull each other down.
“i’ll have crab.
crab in the barrel, please”.

photo4one of the reasons i protect myself the way i do.
you just never know.
so it’s like you gotta work about being black male in this country,

Do you also have to worry about being black and gay too?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Rage Against The Homosexuality (The Cool Christians Are Doing It!)”

  1. It’s hard enough being a black male because society already looks down on you. When you are a black GAY male your own people turn their backs on you. But as grown men we shouldn’t have to hide any aspect of our lives. We shouldn’t be afraid to be who we are.

  2. Yes, everybody is suddenly a born again Christian that hate A&E for firing a man when all he did was preach the bible.I get on Facebook and all I see are these posts from one person in particular about the Duck Dynasty thing.Most of them said “Don’t hate me for preaching God’s word.”Another one said “If you’re going to buy Duck-something presents for Christmas, make sure it’s not Duck Dynasty because A&E owns it and they censor people for preaching God’s word.”Guess what, all these posts are from a known Lesbian who is now married to a man.All through out her 20’s she was with other women.She even had pictures of her smiling while her head was deep in a woman’s crotch.Not only that but just a few years ago, she was rubbing and feeling all over some woman and the guy that she married said he was okay with it.This bitch keeps posting all these links to pages that support the duck dynasty man because he was “quoting scripture.”

    My mom calls me and says “That was his opinion, the gays always act as if they can say and do what they want but we’re not allowed to say what we want about them, and it’s in the bible that what they do is wrong so he was right.”Again, like I said before, that’s what bugs me about so called Christians and the bible.They pick and choose which sins matter all the while ignoring the other 10 or however many there is.Like mom is a fornicator, meaning, she had sex before she got married.I don’t hear anyone complaining about fornicators, in fact, they say that waiting until marriage is unrealistic.

    For some reason with Christians, it’s all about the gays.That’s all they think about.WE KNOW WHAT IT SAYS.WE GET IT.Why they feel the need to keep going over the same shit like we haven’t heard it before, I’ll never understand.Maybe they need to start preaching about the other sins as much as they preach about how being gay is a sin and maybe they’ll get it.I doubt it though.Straight people assume they’re all going to heaven.They can commit every sinful act in the bible (besides the gay one of course) and they’ll still sit there in Church and demonize gay people.The bible says our lifestyle is wrong, but that’s not the only thing the bible says is wrong so why our we the only ones being singled out ALL THE FUCKING TIME.They might as well rewrite the bible and take out every other word leaving “God says men who lay with other men like they do a woman is an abomination” because that seems to be the only thing they see and care about when they read it.

    I’m so tired of this hypocritical shit from these hypocrites.They can lick my throbbing sinning ass hole.The bible is all about us you guys, screw everything else in it.

  3. God also said fornication is a sin, but everyone does it. You cannot point out shit in the bible which doesn’t apply to you and say it is a sin to attack others, when you are committing sins that in that same bible. In the eyes of most people being gay is a sin, but when you are black and gay you are committing sin in the first degree, which will land you a first class ticket to hell. If I am going to hell, I will not be alone. I will look around and see the same people who attacked other people for committing sins.

    It is best to stay in the closet, personally I do not give a fuck what people think, period.

  4. These “born again” Christians are something else. I was just watching one of those ex-gay documentaries on youtube the other day and most of the so called ex-gay men were middle aged. They weren’t worried about sin when they were getting their freak on for all those years. But I guess when they get all used up and burnt out and have had all their fun, they decide to find Jesus. I got people in my family just like that. Just found out that my Aunt had most of her children out of wedlock, but now she quick to throw a bible at you. Now I’m no saint by any means, but I do think I have a strong set of morals. I try to love others and help people when I can. I also try to keep a check on my behavior, being sexually responsible and making good choices. That’s more than I can say for a lot of straight people.

  5. Black christians are very stupid because have they forgotten they were once/still consider as a sin just as gay people are? And don’t they realize christianity was force on them during the slavery and was strip from their own religions. It really interesting how the underdogs will easily throw the other underdogs under the bus with no compassion.

  6. “Is it safer to stay in the closet?” It depends where one is. In 29 states, one can still be fired from a job or not rented an apartment simply for being gay. However, fortunately, things are changing. Some states and cities are very progressive. Nineteen states now recognize same-sex marriage. There are gay elected officials in federal, state and local offices, including black ones. As I said, it depends where one is.

    If you’re still living at home and fear your parents would react harshly, wait until you’re out of school, be it high school or college, and able to support yourself. Forty percent of homeless children are LGBT youth who’ve been kicked out by their parents.

    As you feel your way in this world, you will develop support systems. Sometimes, they may trump your relations with your biological relatives.

    I can tell many commenters seem to think being out means wearing buttons, having rainbow bumper stickers on the car, or calling press conferences. It doesn’t have to be any of that; it just means living ones truth. Just be aware. If you’re in some hick place, surrounded by hateful people, bide your time until you can put yourself in a safer environment.

    Our day is coming; it really does get better. I’m out but I don’t have a rainbow flag outside my house. That’s not me. However, my neighbors know — they really don’t know- know because I’ve not had any of them, but I’m sure they presume, and we are good neighbors; they respect me. If you don’t act ashamed of who you are, people will respect you. I still get called to Capitol Hill and to the White House. But, fortunately, I don’t live in some backwater place. So, the moral is know where you are, know your surroundings. Support those of us who are working to make this country and this world a better place for all of us. If you’re not comfortable being public, contribute to those organizations that are fighting for our rights. Progress is being made.

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