Rage Against The Homosexuality (The Cool Christians Are Doing It!)

tumblr_mthtekOO3x1sj0peoo1_1280like i said yesterday,
“trevor from gta v” aka phil robertson has every right to his opinion.
its the “saying it out loud” that can be the problem.
i’m sure duck dynasty will still be on the air,
money will still be made,
and the swamps will still have ducks to be killed.
the problem is that when these kinds of scandals happen,
it shows the true hatred of most people about the lifestyle.
suddenly everyone is a born again christian,
throwing holy water and holding up crosses.
maybe even resorting to violence if you catch the right one.
matthew shepard.
vladislav tornovoi.
the teens in jersey.
we like the witches in american horror story: coven.
just without any power,
or do we?
god forbid this was jamaica or one of those “kill on sight” countries.
i often wondered:

Is it safer to stay in the closet?

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