My God Is Better Than Yours

tumblr_m67slzUSdQ1rukhkdo1_500while other people are using god to spew hate at people,
or a female pop star with a blonde wig filled with creole power,
i was being self absorbed and using my god for my purpose.
god came through today for my tough times.
he used one of my readers to do it.
i could not be ever so grateful.
funny enough,
i prayed the night of unemployment-gate and tried to let it go.
as hard as it was,
i focused my energy on writing that story and keeping myself occupied.
well he answered my prayers today and im feeling blessed.
im starting to realize you have to seriously “let go and let god”.
he’s still working on me,
but i’m learning as we work together.

dancing-with-joy-smiley-emoticonnot a bible thumper.
just grateful.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “My God Is Better Than Yours”

  1. I know that say that God is always right on time, but sometimes I be felling like “God can you hurry up please?” I’m glad to hear that he’s coming through for you.

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