Mo’Nique Mingles With The Hoodrats Hosting #LHHNY Reunion

has come out of hiding.
she decided to host the love and hiphop: new york reunion.
yes you read that right….

Screen-Shot-2013-12-19-at-8.47.48-AMMona Scott-Young’s cast of beautiful misfits and miscreants recently taped their “Love & Hip Hop” reunion special. The reality TV stars stunned in designer garb and glistening makeup while comedian Mo’Nique played host.

So far, attendees to the taping have been tight-lipped about what transpired, but offered a few insider tidbits. According to the site, there are a “few fights,” a seemingly M.I.A. cast member makes a surprise appearance and a couple ends their relationship for good.

tumblr_lrub8tvu8o1r0tml9o1_500 i see and i can’t…
well im glad mona scott young has handed over the mic.
she is boring as hell as a reunion host.
don’t act like you didn’t think so either.
i would have preferred wendy williams tbh,
as she would have asked ALL the right questions,
but mo’nique?
did i mention oscar winning comedienne/actress/and talk show host?
why the downgrade mo?!
once you get that golden statute,
you naturally have to upgrade from the hoodrats.
you ain’t in baltimore no mo.deidra2i mean if you gonna do charity work,
at least host the atlanta reunion!

lowkey: what happened to her talk show?
i actually enjoyed it.

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4 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Mingles With The Hoodrats Hosting #LHHNY Reunion

  1. Let’s be clear, winning an Oscar means nothing. It’s an award for a film you did in the past year, not some de facto guarantee that you will have a great film career. Plus, most of this was Monique’s doing, it seems she didn’t want to follow Octavia Spencer or Rachel Weisz and find decent film work.

    Girl picked up her Oscar and went right back to BET and her show.

    Is she too good for this show…we might think so, but obviously she doesn’t.

  2. Damn, I guess the Hollywood roles really are hard to come by for black women. But I guess you gotta hustle anyway you can. And I really like her show too. She always had the good old school artists up there. But I guess it may have been too grown for a BET audience

    1. BET just sucks.They need to do a revamping of the entire channel because Black Entertainment as far as I can see is as dull as dishwater.In fact, I’d rather play with dish water than watch BET.Crappy programming, crappy line-ups, 20 minute commercial breaks.They should have Monique’s late night show still going and that sexy sexy man from CNN that had his own late night show about politics.I can’t remember his name but damn he is so sexy.The real BET seems to be VH-1 but BET could have those ratchet shows on their channel as well.It’s okay to be a little ratchet, as long as you balance it out with some thought provoking and grown-up programming.

      Where the hell are the new Black sitcoms at?I’m tired of Martin and Living Single reruns.We need to ditch the laugh track.

  3. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw your title.I was thinking “you too good to be hosting these ratchet reality show reunions, you got an Oscar now Mo Mo, leave these lowdown low budget shows to LaLa.”

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