Premium Meat of the Minute: Terron Fondren

I am absolutely speechless

…. and he is only 19.
Means his back is still strong.

Glad to see he is piece of milk chocolate too.
Over all the light skinned-ed Wolves. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Premium Meat of the Minute: Terron Fondren”

  1. Damn so young and already this fine, this makes no sense. I would feel like Eartha Kitt a.k.a. Lady Eloise hollering at somebody that young, I probably was in homeroom with his momma–LOL. Damn I wanna meet his daddy he is probably only 35 and fine too.

  2. My god mill does a body good. And he is only 19 so he still has time to grow. Wonder if he down with the fix hole. S/N nice giff he fuckin the shit out of that vixen/fox

  3. That is how I should look. Ugh!! Nerd is upset by this, he’s madd cute but an example of my laziness and failure to commit to hitting the wieghts..

  4. He was lookin’ like that in High School???? Boys looked nothin’ like that where i was.

    He’s beautiful. And that body… c’mon. Doesn’t make any sense.

  5. I’ve met him before, my homegirls ex-boyfriend plays football for the same team and several of his teammates came to her housewarming. I promise you all those dude’s had body.

    There is something in the water here in Texas that has dudes developing quick. I can remember crushing on this dude for the longest only to find out later he was a freshmen.

    1. So, you know Jamari is gonna ask, but I’ll save him the trouble: what vibe did you pick up off him or his friends? lol

  6. He’s only 19?!?! And he’s proportional too (no huge upper body & scrawny legs). I could turn him into a hybrid – just gimme a few…

    1. Nice to see that someone else noticed and cares. Too many blown up torsos with chicken legs out there.

      He sure got the body of someone usually older than 19, so I’m way impressed.
      Although I noticed that tattoo on his arm keeps growing the further down the picures I get.
      At least it’s not trashy…yet

  7. I was reading his stats in the first pic, and when I got to “Position,” I thought I saw “Bottom.” LOL. Damn, he is fine as all types of hell.

    First, Jamari introduces the subject to see how the followers react, and then he surprises us with the sex tape/nude pics. Somebody please tell me I’m right!!!

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