onlyfans is looking to shut down some of ya’ll careers (and i’m actually upset about it tbh)

tumblr used to be the free onlyfans to be a few years ago.
it was a breeding ground for great pictures,
and filth.
it was home to some of the best baiters in the business.
they would leak nudes and get thousands and millions of likes.

…and alla dat changed when Yahoo bought it.

some jackals were doing too much with child porn and sexual abuse content,
but tumblr is a shell of its former self these days.
onlyfans is looking to do the same trying to become more mainstream.
they may cut off some of these folk’s porn careers…

OnlyFans is reportedly looking to raise new funding in a deal that values the company at more than $1 billion — and says it wants to shed its reputation as a platform for porn.

The London-based company, which is currently mostly used by adult-movie stars to sling smutty pics and videos, wants the help of mainstream backers who can help it to appeal to a wide range of celebrities and athletes, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

Hosting more mainstream content on its platform could also help attract premium advertisers.

so first off,
i totally get it.
the big deals will advertise on your platforms if you play it “safe”.
so that means no cursing,
no sexual content,
and be as christian-like as possible.
my issue with onlyfans and this alleged move is:

They already make bread by the number of people who sign up for Onlyfans

onlyfans already has celebs on there like cardi b and bella throne.
this platform has provided folks with the ability to live and survive regardless if they’re selling porn.
so many people are attracting potential clients because of how successful others have been.
this is where companies and brands make mistakes.
they do things to appeal to one market while cutting off what made them in the first place.

We would love to see Bey or Rih with an Onlyfans that provided exclusive BTS content

…but that same content can get leaked too.
this is the mistake tidal made trying to be “exclusive”.
i wasn’t leaving spotify for tidal.
what are baller wolves gonna provide exclusively that we can’t see on ig?
work out tips?
seeing what they talk about in the locker room?

i think onlyfans needs to leave well enough alone.
they have to think about the long game.
they’ll be surprised at how much star power is actually on their platform.
i could be wrong tho.

lowkey: we better enjoy some of our onlyfans favs now.
they might be outta here soon.
i feel like twitter is about to cut sexual content soon too.

article cc: ny post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “onlyfans is looking to shut down some of ya’ll careers (and i’m actually upset about it tbh)”

  1. We live in a digital age and pornhub, and xtube are still available for porn and adult videos. What onlyfans should do is leave the accounts that are already on and just don’t allow anymore porn accounts. However folks should save to create their own websites. Nothing lasts forever. Create your own site and you have the freedom to express yourselves. I just hope these onlyfan porn actors have invested their money because if not it could jeopardize their livelihood with this new move 😔😔

    1. Pornhub and xtube are garbage now. Both sites got rid of all the content from “non verified users” aka 90% of their videos and now all you have is dead links.

      Twitter is where all the good porn is now.

  2. You’re such a basic bitch I swear “We would love to see Bey or Rih with an Onlyfans”. Is this 2011? rihanna and beyonce aren’t the only black female singers to ever exist you know… Jesus christ the absolute generic – ness from you gays is appalling.

    1. ^keepitabuck,
      i get it.

      you got hurt by people and you have dedicated your life to harassing others under a burner account on the internet.
      it makes you feel accomplished because you are taking control.
      you aren’t doing yourself any favors being vile and disgusting.
      these comments don’t make me think you would be a great person so chill with.
      it doesn’t make me think you would be a great spouse or father.
      you come off like every other mean spirited gay that you think everyone is.

      at the end of the day,
      keepitabuck will only be remembered as an internet troll on a website.
      at your funeral,
      when your loved ones come to mourn and speak about what you brought to this earth,
      this can’t be your accomplishments.

      thank you for continuing to support me with your comments.
      i hope you continue to get the life that you truly deserve

      1. 🤓🤓🤓 = Read

        Goddam, Jamari. LMAO. U had time today! I needed that laugh.

        On another note, I think you’re right. Some sites just don’t know when to stop effing with the business model. If onlyfans does decide to be PG13, I’m out.

        But, there will be another (EX: just for fans) that will gladly take the throne. Folks keep forgetting: Sex work is the OLDEST profession. Everybody got on this earth from sex. Sex sells (literally and figuratively). Onlyfans will crash and burn if they cut porn.

      2. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s that pegasus dude or whatever his name was, that always made passive aggressive comments in every article.

  3. People actually seem to forget what onlyfans was created for and it wasn’t porn. The people upset about this are just upset they’ll have to find another platform or an actual job.

  4. Well let me put this Chrome Video Downloader to use and get to downloading my favs before they start snatching shit off 😂

  5. Thank God I’ve saved all the onlyfans content I’ve subscribed to. What a dumbass move on their part. This is gonna fail in the long term.

  6. Thank God I saved all my favourite onlyfans content from the very beginning. Totally a dumbass move for them in the long term. Sex work got them where they are and now they want to “clean up”. Why ppl always wanna fuck up a good thing??

  7. Only Fans fake AF. They deplatformed a lot of erotic entertainers who’ve been with them since day 1 out of the blue.

    I don’t subscribe to people’s OF cause I know a plac– most of people’s content are bland, outdated, and trash.

    Also their platform ain’t immune to chill porn, so I’m not surprised if they’re trying to pull a pornhub and save face.

  8. They have a direct competitor and it’s by a gay man (just for fans) it was even specifically made for sex workers, so if onlyfans wants to throw away their bag that’s on them. Lowkey I am rooting for that gay man.

  9. Yahoo! did this 1999-2005 and lost out. had this done when ABC bought them in 1998. Tumblr came out of nowhere and returned to nowhere.

    No one is going to actually pay that way to see celebrities do boring PR approved nothingness.

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