Now I Lay Me Down To Dream last night i couldn’t sleep.
i was tossing and turning well into 330 in the morning.
i finally fell asleep and had the most interesting dream

i dreamt i was shot and killed.
the person who killed me died too since i shot his ass as well.
foxi is mean with a pistol.
we ended up in this gloomy building where we had to “check in”.
i was dripping all this blood,
but it suddenly stopped.
they took our names and all this other information and lead us deeper into this building.
as we were walking,
this gentleman leading us to this door where upon the other side,
everyone we know who passed away as well was waiting.
i was wondering if my father and mother would be there with open arms.
when i walked in,
it was actually a bright classroom.
i saw star fox sitting down by the window.
he looked amazing and was writing something.
i sat next to him and his mouth was moving,
but i couldn’t make out what he was saying.
he finally said:

“you can be gay here too”.

…and then he started saying something about whitney houston.
it felt good to see him and i was happy.
no tears.
no emotions.
just happiness.
i decided to take a walk around this building.
i wanted to see all the people i left behind on earth.
they told me go around the corner to this door.
when i got there,
press the button on the wall and the stairs will go down.
when i did,
i was in the living room of one friend who was crying.
i was able to move around to various people and see them crying.
i was actually standing with them,
watching them hurt for me,
that i too started to cry.

that dream suddenly ended and then i was in a black room.
i felt this peace come over me.
did i really die?
then heard my mother’s voice from above me.
i didn’t see her.
but i legit heard her say:

“you are going to have a good life soon.”

…and then i woke up.
i laid in bed for a good hour just processing that.
this was going to be the first entry of the day.
i know people reading must be like,
“um this crazy ass person….”
lol i honestly believe i communicated with them last night.
it felt all to real.
i believe they are watching over me and protecting me.
that alone makes me feel blessed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Now I Lay Me Down To Dream”

  1. What a dream man, and it ended on a positive note which is a good thing. I always felt that our loves ones who passed on are watching over us and keeping us safe from harm.

  2. i believe you interacted with them also…..we’re made in GOD’s image so there’s no doubt in my mind that we can interact with our loved ones via dreams and etc…My grandmother has dreams like that alot sometimes they can be scary but i think it’s amazing…it gives you peace of mind….my sister went into her class one day when she was training to be a medical assistant and an older lady there told her my dad was proud of mind you my dad has been dead since 1990…so my sister sasked her “how do you know” and the lady responded “the other day when you came to class your father walked in with you” so at this point my sister laughed and responded “he’s dead” and the lady responded “I know his spirit was with you”

    she then preceded to describe my late father to my sister, all the way down to his accent (he was from west africa) and it made my sister speechless…so i don’t think people are crazy when they have certain experiences i grew up in a very spiritual family, more so spiritual then religious….but blessings are coming your way…be encouraged and SMILE GOD has your covered…

  3. I can’t interpret that but I do know that God has away of letting you know I am with you, that I’m going to bless you, empower you and strengthen you…..

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