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Lucy-Doctor-is-in-no-Charlie-Brown-4-5-12the following bit of safe sex knowledge comes from dean.
he graced the ( x fear had me thinking i had hiv ) entry i wrote with some good info.
stuff i didn’t even know about,
but im glad he posted.
check it out this mental homework below…

It seems that taking off the condom surreptitiously mid-sex is all too common a happening. You should know about PEP and PrEP. PEP is Post Exposure Prophylaxis: This is when you take some HIV retro viral (or is is anti-retro-viral?) medication for 28 days when you may have been exposed to HIV (for example, the condom breaks). But you must start the first drug treatment within 72 hours of exposure or it may be ineffective. This will likely keep you from becoming HIV positive. PrEP is Pre Exposure Prophylaxis: This is when you take a daily dose of HIV retro viral (or is is anti-retro viral?) medication every day long term so that if you are exposed to HIV, you should not become HIV positive. PrEP is usually used by people who have repeated sexual contact with those who are HIV positive (married or in a relationship). If you are a sexually active person, you should know about PEP and PrEP. Google them and talk to the health clinic or your doctor about them. Knowledge is power.

audience_applauseeveryone give thanks to dean.
nothing better than keeping your foxhole free of bugs and viruses!

x more on prep

x more on pep

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  1. Thanks, Jamari and others and you are most welcome. I just want to do my part to make things better. Please read about PEP and PrEP from the links Jamari has posted and tell a friend!

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