Would You Be My “New Flame” Tonight?

tumblr_naf2ikX6DV1tcbhsqo1_500well i knew it would happen.
90s would meet 00s sooner or later.
usher and chris brown collab for song called “new flame”.
i just checked the video and well…

yeah it was just “aight”.
it isn’t as good as “loyal”.
very “filler” track to me.
i did like the beat tho.
the background + scenery was gorgeous.
the dancing was pretty good,
but i will admit i got chills when usher came on to do his thing.
that “tick tick tick boom” thing he does:

tumblr_nagsy1uVdO1qmeeo4o4_250i loved ^that part the most.
other than that,
i wasn’t really motivated to buy chris brown’s album after that song.
i’m moreso interested in what usher is bringing to the table this era.
we’ll see what happens with the third single.

lowkey: chris brown un-followed all his fans on ( x twitter ) and ( x instagram ).
team breezy is having a fit.
he should know they are “sen-sah-tavez”.

buy “new flame”: itunes | amazon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Would You Be My “New Flame” Tonight?”

  1. This song was dope but I STILL dont understand how you have Usher and Chris Brown on the same track and instead of a crazy ass bridge they opted for “ANOTHER” rap co-sign

    1. ^with his titties out at that.
      i thought ricky rozay lost weight?!

      i think they put him on the track for that club play.
      if it was just them,
      it would be a mid tempo.

  2. Wasn’t bad at all, and it was more of an adult side of him.

    The real subject is how sexy Usher was looking tho. Damn.

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