All Fun and Games Until Your Balls Are On Fire

article-2402158-1B75E780000005DC-655_964x641god will have something go up in flames to get your attention.
shit my job has.
how can something i prayed about turn into a 5 alarm blaze?
as soon as i was moved to that new department to work amongst liar liar,
that’s when i started hearing the smoke alarm.
well i heard it quietly before then,
but i thought i put that fire out completely.
so now i’m dealing with no one respect form anyone.
favoritism like a muthafucka.
god forbid i even do something wrong on accident.
it’s a complete and utter disaster.
guess what tho?…

it has gotten my attention.
its hot,
and i can barely breathe.
its time for me to start making my escape plan.
right now,
my mind is pretty grey,
but i can find my way out with focus.

tumblr_lh9adxvu7F1qzvd23o1_500i have been focusing on what they have been doing to me.
i haven’t been focused on what i need to do.

maybe something in your life has been set on fire.
your job.
your living situation.
people you call your friends.
that guy you’re dating/fuckin’.
you didn’t realize it yet,
but now you do.
maybe its time for you to really pay attention.
you are about to be really burned.
whatever it happens to be didn’t just start burning for a reason.
even though you thought you put it out before,
doesn’t mean that it isn’t festering in the background.
waiting for the right thing to happen so it can catch.

fire_by_freaky__like__vivi-d5sxsacyour forest is now burning to the ground.
see we don’t pay attention until the fire is really out of control.
then we wanna cry to jesus,
and joseph to rescue us before we really get engulfed.
so pay attention to what is burning in your life.
what is making you uncomfortable.
people who could potential burn you.
it may just be a sign that it maybe coming to an end soon.
…and thats okay.
put the fire out now so that “something better” is to follow.


*forest fire picture credit to owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “All Fun and Games Until Your Balls Are On Fire”

  1. Great advice. I was recently doing something uncharacteristically and each time I did it, I felt weird and not myself. I had to put it behind me, because sooner or later, I was going to get burned.

  2. I normally don’t comment on blogs and yours I usually just sit and drool over the pictures you post but man, this one here hit home for me. I’m dealing with a situation right now that is very similar. I refused to see it for what it was since I am dealing with family and now it’s like Hell exploded and there is fire, lava, and brimstone everywhere!

    1. ^oh no!
      thank you for commenting and coming out of lurking!
      turn to god and ask for help.
      usually when shit hits the fan,
      im on the next conversation with god ASAP.
      sometimes these things are tests to see if we are faithful to him.
      OMG I sound like a bible thumper.
      anyway my only advice is to get on your knees and talk to god.
      he usually provides answers as soon as I do.
      I hope it all works out for you!

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