Mycol Has Something To Show Ya

so foto119 has been getting a lot of business lately.
that means more meat…
for us.
so first up on the “new” list is mycol armani.
this are what he looks like without foto119 magic…

he is handsome af.
when i think of a wolf with a good facial,
i see something like him in my head.
just my type.
mycol likes his front,
but he also likes to show off his tail:

he is sort of an exhibitionist huh?
those are always fun.

if mycol keeps all this up,
he will be the new “it” foxhole fav.

i won’t complain.

lowkey: mycol needs to update his website information.
nothing screams “amateur” than a link in your bio that isn’t working.
fix it.

photos credited: foto119 | mycol

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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