Foto119 Makes Antonio Vizcaino Look Like Good Dick

one thing i’m attracted to is a wolf with confidence.
being sexy is great,
but if you don’t have anything else to back it up,
i’ll get bored real quick.
a confident wolf will help you drop your guard and open you up.
if you are a shy fox,
a wolf like that will have you unleashing your inner werewolf.
have you doing shit you didn’t think you would.
i see that with foto119 latest,
antonio vizcaíno.
he is a dominican model wolf from texas who looks…

…like the type that will have some out here:

he turns me on.
i like what he is giving me.
i hope i’m not smelling the aroma of “fuck jackal”.
sometimes the two scents smell similar.
antonio has modeled for versace/h&m and ralph lauren.
he has also appeared in a recent music video called “vena amoris” by ashley:

i want more.
i’m interested to see where foto119 and antonio go with this.
i’ll be staying tuned.

pictures and videos credited: foto119 | antonio vizcaino

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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