So It’s “Fourth Harmony” Now?

…and i voted for them when they were on x factor too.
shame that fifth harmony is a quartet now.
camilla left,
but even tho i don’t really see “solo star” for her.
now i’d like to normani go solo.

she seems to be the fan favorite.
too bad basic is “in” or we’d get some black girl solo magic.
i know her debut album would be a good one.
i wish camilla well tho.

lowkey: i hope camilla knows she has to bring it.

10 thoughts on “So It’s “Fourth Harmony” Now?

  1. This shyt is going to come back and bite them in the as. Girl group does well and splits at their peak.
    They were one of the few groups that shared lead vocals, which is one of the keys to a successful group.
    Once the egos start, and people start whispering in your ear, it’s a recipe for disaster. They need to take a look at past groups, FEMALE AND MALE, to see this. Camila’s whiny voice fit in with the riffs she sings on their songs, but I can’t see her with a big solo career. She really doesn’t have a strong voice. If she has a successful solo career, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong. Same for Normani. If she goes solo, I don’t see her having a successful solo career. She will have a harder time than if any of the others were to go solo. She’s a black female artist in a pop music world. Not hating, just stating a fact.
    Their best bet is to stay together. However, it seems like they won’t be around much longer.

  2. I really like their music, but I think Camila was the least talented.

    I don’t feel like any of them have the talent to go out on their own. Sorry.

  3. I haven’t really been into this group because I feel like a lot of their music is for younger audience they have some catchy songs but that’s just about it.

    With that being said the moment normani goes solo I’m buying her first single.

  4. I don’t like whoever is running this group, this wasn’t hard to see coming. Camilla and Lauren gets all the attention, Camilla especially, you constantly had people talking about her needing to go solo. If you asks me it’s because they had the “most accepted” looks. Normani is the only one I look for, she’s the only one that can sing AND dance. She’s actually very unappreciated too, from having no solos, to fans not caring for her.

    But I didn’t hear this shit about Dinah, she seemed down to earth on X Factor.

  5. If this was a male group. You’d be trying to figure out which one could fuck you up the ass better Jamari.

  6. Can we talk about that homophobic raxist bitch Dinah.
    She posted a racist video talking bout “All dark-skinned girls look like they have a mustache because they so dark. Oh well can’t help what color you are”
    Like bitch you the ugliest of them all
    I like them but don’t fuck with her
    They are mediocore at best but Flex goes hard
    And I read that Normani is planning to go solo as well but still stay in the group
    Like when DC3 went solo and came back for one last album

  7. I don’t see what people like in Fifth Harmony. Always seemed mediorcre. I always thought Richgirl was a better group. I just wish Rich Harrison didn’t slave them to death without letting them drop and album. Does anyone have any songs from them that could help me change my perspective maybe?

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