my bubble

this week has been a doozy for me.
i’ve literally been in a bubble

when i go into a bubble,
i legit shut off the forests around me.
after my job’s christmas party,
where i needed some much needed fun,
i was so hungover and had to pull it together.
along with that,
i been dealing with some mental health shit that has been draining me.
this holiday season has been the pits too.
when i shut down and go into my bubble,
i don’t want to see/hear anything.

Jamari Fox needed a whole break

i’m slowly getting back to where i was.
i’m emerging from my bubble and ready to take on the forests again.

thank you for understanding.

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5 thoughts on “my bubble”

  1. Nice. Good comeback. Gotta make sure you keep the mind healthy. We all need a breather from time to time. This year has been something but not for nothing. 2020 bout to get the business.Opportunity can come at any moment, got have that mind ready for it.

      1. I feel you. Lately, I have been releasing sorrows of my father who left me and my mother to survive on our own when I was a toddler. I saw him once or twice after that and never heard from him again until his mother called and announced he was dead one day.

        And I had to think to myself for a moment as to why he would choose abandonment and alcohol over me. But sometimes it’s good to let out old things, allow your mind some fresh air and room for recovery and to take on better things.

        It’s time to heal coming into 2020.

        I feel that there are people I know close to me who enjoy my presence & to see me vibrant and talking and being myself.

        The same applies to you and the foxhole f and friends outside of it. The minute your mind tries to get you down, think of all the people who treasure your words and presence.

        Someone is always listening. Even if it’s just one person.

  2. I read about a mother who gave her children 2 mental health days a month. No explanation needed. She’d write a note and they could stay home from school.

    That nonsense about going to work, sick or in a bad space is trash. It aggravates your issues, your productivity is lower and your energy is felt in the workplace, affecting others.

    I myself have been in a “Well, if the world is going to end, I’m going to enjoy myself” vibe with my troubles and I’ve even forgotten to check social media, my phone and that’s when I know I am LIVING. I am not seeking the adrenaline rush from a text back, a like, notifications on various apps. Existing in the body I have and being okay with that and not the body that I don’t have, down the street.

  3. Glad you are coming back and thanks for people so honest and open about your mental health. My church had a special sevice on disabilities with guest speakers. One was a man living with bipolar disorder. He is a successful attorney but lives with seasonal affective disorder. The short winter days put him into a depression that can last still spring. But he can go manic when days are longer. Perhaps the winter light and cold are affecting you. But holidays can also be a hard time.

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