they are so in love that they can’t keep their hands off each other

we all know people can be addicted to physical abuse in their relationships.
some see it as love when he/she pops you upside the head.
one of my male bffs is in a abusive relationship and he 110% likes it…

he hit up to tell me his paw was hurting yesterday.

“I had to slap my girl outside my Christmas party.”

so i’m use to these stories from him.
she threw water on him outside in the cold.
in a blind rage,
he slapped her so hard that she ended up bleeding from her nose.
before you think she’s “the victim” in this story,
she always ends up putting paws on him.

this is not the first time this has happened.
she hasn’t been able to trust him since he cheated on her way back.
so in her insecure moments,
she will flip on him for dumb shit
i remember when he called me because she started fighting him while he was driving.
he was driving slow.
he does dumb shit to provoke her.
it’s usually over some really dumb shit too.

“Ya’ll are the most dysfunctional relationship I’ve ever witnessed.”

“It’s sad because I love her so I can’t leave.”

earlier this year,
he was over her when she took the keys to his car and locked him out their spot.
he called me going off at like 7am.
what happened after that?
they made up and got a new spot together.
he won’t leave.
she won’t leave.
they are gonna try counseling again.
it doesn’t seem to work because it always leads to this.
they been together for many years and it’s always been this kind of drama.
it feels like this is some kind of foreplay for these two.
i did ask him if they had sex when they got home.
they usually have this intense sex session after.
it’s full of “i love you” and “you know this is my shit” type of sex.
he said they didn’t have sex when they got home.
this was serious then.

what’s crazy is when i looked at the pictures of them at the christmas party,
i smiled because they both looked so happy and in love.
she is very pretty and he is easy on the eyes,
but this toxic relationship they’re in…

i hate to see it.

low-key: i honestly think if they broke up,
they would be so lost without each other.

5 thoughts on “they are so in love that they can’t keep their hands off each other

  1. He doesn’t like it. He’s been conditioned by the media, watching his parents, childhood and she accepts it.

    And I’m not cool with the “She puts paws on him” stuff. That’s like the transmen competing against women in sports. Men. Are. Bigger. So him slapping her is going to do damage. Clearly it did, by making her BLEED. And what happens when she has to explain her bruises and one day calls the cops.

    Your friend circle is a reflection of you. I hope you evaluate listening to his foolery in the coming year.

    The last thing you need is to be commenting to the reporter when one of them is dead and saying that you “didn’t think it would get that bad”.

    It’s not love. They would not be lost. They’d find the same trauma in another body. They also are clearly not going to the right therapist. Therapy is about finding someone who comes from your walk of life and won’t apply textbook info to the many different cultural experiences we each have.

  2. It’s more common than we think sadly. Sometimes it ends up with another person dead.

    But honestly, I would 100% get out. Not to talk bad about your friend cause I don’t know him like that, but that ain’t love to me. It’s like a rose hanging onto it’s last petal before the final winter wind seals it’s doom.

    His female is 100% out of line too. He shouldn’t have cheated but she needs to get over it or go over it to a new opportunity. She is most likely still hurting and both of them need either couple’s counseling or to just part ways. That physical injury could turn deadly one day. Get help before it gets ugly and when you do break up, stalking, threats, slashed tires and everything else starts.

    Stories like this anger and scare me.

    Would you let your next gay boyfriend slap you in the face?

    If my boyfriend ever hit me I might lose my mind. If we get in an argument we might not talk to each for a little while. When he gets mad, and is still mad he won’t say anything. He just be “moving around” and doing stuff…going to the fridge 8 times in 2 minutes when he know damn well he don’t want nothing… 🙄 and then they cut eyes when they walk by.

    However, I don’t argue for very long. After my first two or three remarks, I stop responding.

    I just couldn’t imagine getting hit like that until I bleed by anyone. We going straight Dragon Ball Z right afterwards.

    In any case, be careful. Don’t ever feel like you have to take hits to prove you are in love. If someone loves you, they WILL NOT hit you. They will reason with you and you do the same. If you can’t reason at the moment, sometimes just walk away and marinate, listen to some music for an hour or two and ease your mood. DONT hit and DON’T take hits.

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