Milan Christopher and Miles Brock For “Season 3”?

lhhh-miles-struggles-with-milan-christopher-gay-relationship-black-churchwell it was all good a couple episodes ago.
so milan christopher and miles brock are really going at it.
so apparently milan and miles got into a bit of an altercation in new yawk.
check out what happened via tmz

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Milan Christopher took his war with his ex-bf to the next level — going to court to get protection after Miles Brock allegedly attacked him last weekend. 

An L.A. judge signed off on Milan’s request for a restraining order on Monday … meaning Brock has to stay at least 100 yards away from Milan. In the docs, Christopher accuses Brock of punching him in the face, resulting in a “swollen face black eye.”

TMZ broke the story … Brock was arrested Saturday night in NYC, a day after the exes ended up at the same Halloween party where the punch allegedly went down.

We got Milan on his way out of court, and he insists … there won’t be any reconciliation.

with video of milan:

that black eye healed pretty fast.
no scarring either.
cocoa butter lotion?
i guess a season 3 for these two then?

lowkey: if cameras were “filming” this incident,
i will vomit.
i really will.
can we talk about charlemagne all in miles face tho:

article credited: tmz

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Milan Christopher and Miles Brock For “Season 3”?”

    1. Why would she? Does she present a good representation of good black straight men? Soulja Boy,Ray J , Stevie J, Rich Dollaz,etc

  1. child milan fucked the old man that runs tmz, they met via the craiglist ads he posts when he escorts. thus TMZ is following the story because he, Milan, Called them, lol. nobody cares about them.

  2. It seem like Milan trying to hold on to his 15 minute of fame. I guess getting punch in the face is the new way of getting famous.

  3. Agreat interview with the Breakfast club. Charlemange is one curious hoe. I. Am aure she will venture just to get the experience, if she has not done it already. As for that Milan I have always considered her the male Kim Kardashian of so called gay celebs. the only way she is going is DOWN.

    1. I agree. I really think Miles sister is telling the truth….Milan is mad all the attention is not on him. He had spent YEARS sucking dick, eating ass, selling ass, leaking sextapes trying to get 15 mins of fame now he is trying to hold on to it by playing the victim.

  4. This is he said ,he said.Not one person has come forward saying they saw Miles hit Milan.Not one tweet,not one video,not one pic.I need some receipts.BTW it’s very easy to lie and get a temporary restraining order I’ve personally seen it happen.Also the party where this incident occurred was a party Miles was hosting.Milan left a party he was hosting to go confront Miles at a party Miles was hosting.Just a lover’s quarrel.
    As for Charlamagne I don’t he is gay I think he is just obsessed with gay and lesbian sex.I know many straight people who are very curious and preoccupied about what homosexual couples do in bed.

  5. The interview was decent. Charlemagne is certainly curious 😂 he was very into the questions he was asking. And for some reason I like Miles’ personality and I’ve never even seen the show. Milan doesn’t give me good vibes, idk why.

  6. Milan is so fucking annoying. Miles is more likable and less bitchy. There’s a story about Milan in the blog everyday and I know for a fact that Milan solicits the blogs trying to give them stories. He’s been trying to get famous since forever. I really want him to go away. I don’t condone domestic violence at all, but IF Miles did snuff his ass, he deserved it. Why go to a party that Miles was hosting? He was being a messy, shady, bitch ass queen.

  7. Miles is more attractive without Milan. He does seem the more relateable and humble of the 2 and I hope he doesnt get caught up in the celebrity and fame like Milan has.

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