megan thee stallion reveals what happened in the car and who shot her

tory lanez is over.
megan thee stallion finally let the cat out the bag about “car-gate 2020“.
this is what she said on her ig live

she literally said he shot her and she has no reason to lie.
it seems like tory’s team was trying to make her out to be a liar.
he is definitely cancelled.
she tweeted this shortly after:

i’m so glad i didn’t get wrapped up in his nonsense.
i’d hate to become a stan and this goes down.
i hope megan much success and healing going forward.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “megan thee stallion reveals what happened in the car and who shot her”

  1. I can’t wait for the “body language experts” to say that she’s lying. Tory is trash. Would Kylie cover for him? No, he’d apologize and turn himself in. But because it’s a Black woman, drag her through the mud after she let people think what they wanted to and didn’t press charges or snitch.

    Black men are going to learn.

  2. There are 3 sides to every story :

    1) Her side
    2) His side
    3) The Truth

    THIS Story makes Nooooooo sense!

    Its sad either way and its horrible that she was shot!!.

    Why are you hanging with someone who would shot you?
    Why did she lie and not press charges?
    Why did he just shot her?
    Why is he not saying anything?
    Why did she wait so long to talk?

    1. How would Meg know that he was capable of shooting her, they seemed like they were good friends and she probably trusted him. Also in the video that leaked that showed the cops at the vehicle, they had guns pointed at her as well and that was probably a traumatizing experience for her.

  3. It’s a shame she’s endured all this nonsense to protect (what she thought was) a friend. And instead of him doing the right thing, he’s spreading more lies and slander. At 25 and surrounded by cops, I;m not gonna say ish either – cuz the gun was probably illegal, and the way cops act now, errybody woulda been shot – like she said.

    We don’t believe or protect or sisters. People didn’t say jack about Billy Goat Gruff Songz until the exotic vixen said something, And if this had been Kylie or some biracial chick, there wouldn’t be a question.

    I’m just glad that Megan is moving forward, spreading love (with the WAPParty giveaway), and living her life. Fuck the ashy hoteps. They should say they don’t like Black women, they just like fvckign them.

  4. the music industry promotes trash ass black men in order to subvert the overall culture. as for tory, i hope he grows into an actual human adult male.

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