megan thee stallion and tory lanez are the new rihanna and chris brown

can i be 100% with the foxhole?

I’m not really following the Megan Thee Stallion/Tory Lanex shit show

…because that’s what it is tbh.
a steaming hot pile of a shit show.
so many conspiracy theories and people are picking sides.

…and is it worth all of this?
i’m completely and utterly over it.
while i watched many black folks contradict themselves,
especially with the #protectblackwomen hashtag,
i did have one thought…

This is the GEN Z version of Rihanna and Chris Brown

those of us who were around for that see how that and this are similar.
rihanna got beat up,
the picture was leaked,
she didn’t want chris to be arrested and it was still:

“She put her hands on him first.”
“She is not what she seems like behind the scenes.”
“She deserved it.”

there were many industry people who jumped on his side too.

“We know EXACTLY what happened in that car?”

were you in the back seat?
so many artists turned on her for him that it was ridiculous.
they were outspoken with their dismay towards rihanna.
the same thing is happening with megan.
a black vixen being dragged while a toxic black male “was in the right“.
apparently from what i’ve seen with some comments:
she is an alleged demon bts who deserved what happened to her.
it was a whole mess and shows these “pro-black” trends are just that.

All I’m saying is history has a way of repeating itself.

megan thee stallion will probably be fine.
tory lanez will probably be fine.
those who choose sides will end up being embarrassed one way or another.
the kardashians will swoop in to take the attention away.
and repeat.
i know one thing because like rihanna…

Megan better realizes these industry people were never her friends.

it was all good when they were driving the boat with her at parties.

3 thoughts on “megan thee stallion and tory lanez are the new rihanna and chris brown

  1. I don’t understand everything bc I wasn’t in the court room let alone the scene of the shooting

    My issue was never did she get shot . It was who shot her and was it intentional .

    Kelsey got an immunity deal it seems to me that Megan didn’t like Tory and da baby collaborating bc those are both ex fuck buddies so when he mocked her she and her label made it her mission to take him down by all means

    Bc why didn’t she have the energy for Kelsey she had for Tory ? Is it because he’s the famous one ? Where was her charges & Why did she get an immunity deal? If multiple prints were inconclusive why was he the only one convicted for all 3 ? She was the one wit the motive to shoot

    There was too much doubt to charge him for anything Besides possession IMO
    Social media has made this men vs women when it should be Justice for Meg period, not an anti Tory campaign

  2. Nobody knows the story but them. She did sleep with him tho. They allegedly had a 3some. It was an argument where the gun went off in the car that they were in. Court records proved she was in fact shot and no “no she wasn’t she made that up” bullshit. Once proven in court, that means it happened. Everything else is for the jury to decide what happens from that point but its looking like he getting locked up for a long time.

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